A Few Thoughts During the Summer 2023 – July 15, 2023

Greetings! Another warm and sunny Summer day in the upper mid-west. Our Spring this year didn’t give us the rain we often receive – you know, April showers bring May flowers :). But as would happen Jesus knows what we need and He provides, meets those needs as we serve Him! So, let’s do our best not to complain if it is a little humid or if days are cloudy/not so sunny – this weather thing has worked since He created everything. Sometimes it is different – but as a man told me when I was on my walk/run today, “it works – this weather thing works.” I am thankful, aren’t you?

I was not a good student in school when I was young. I found my way after high school and after studying and picking up courses via correspondence courses and in traditional brick and mortar colleges. I ultimately earned a PhD at the age of 62. Yikes, 44 years. That was a long time, but I do remember in the 5o’s especially, how exciting it was after a summer vacation to go back to school and see friends and though I enjoyed learning, I did not like homework :). School was very interesting compared to today. We had Bibles in public schools. We prayed. We did the pledge of allegiance and discussed our state’s history and heard about the founding of our country. So, today as I write this blog, you can tell that school is on my mind.

Because of some of the consulting I do, I have contact with private, parochial and Christian schools and home-schooling families. There is really a lot going on in public schools today and has been for a long time, but many people, not all for sure are standing up to protect their children from perversion. It is an interesting time! If you don’t think something major is going on to change the culture that our founders intended for us which included a heavy dose of Judeo-Christian Principles, you are not watching or listening. But if you are reading my blog you probably are:)!

I was a public school kid. Knowing what I know today about our public schools, I call them government schools and have since I watched the Governor of Michigan and other states and the CDC nationally shut down schools during Covid 19 with no respect for the students and their families and on and on. Now we know the Conspiracy Theories that disagreed with our government have now been proven to be true. In other words when school doors were chained shut by public health officials (it happened in our area) and children were under mandatory masking and on and on we had a front row seat to watch tyranny take big steps to crush the citizens of our country; and the children and parents were in the cross hairs of the government weapons of propaganda and government overreach.

Though I was not a good student and would rather have been doing something else at times than sit in a classroom, my parents were cool and they paid attention, spoke to my teachers and generally stayed in the game to help me and help the teacher to help me. My wife taught in the inner city of a large government/public school system. Over a 29 year career she saw changes in families which often impacted students negatively. She would have to teach to the test, though she worked hard to give students a well-rounded educational experience. I would argue that children today are receiving much less from the education system than they ever have in this country. Since John Dewey in the early 1900’s education in this country has been sliding into an abyss of progressive logic which is utter darkness. You see this progressive logic is fast overtaking our liberty and freedom and purging reason and virtue out of our culture. The public/government schools may be the primary force in this immoral endeavor.

I think and believe as you read the many comments of our founders concerning the importance of reason, common sense combined with faith in the God of the Bible, you will begin to see how far this country has fallen from those pillars which support peace and living well. Have you noticed all of the fear mongering to force you to look at life as though there is no real hope for living well? Have you noticed that one of the goals of the World Economic Forum is: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” Really? Since when do Americans follow a group of elite snobs that want to crush them and their families? Since, NOW! It is truly pathetic that U.S. Citizens have bought into so much of this elitist, trans-humanist propaganda. But when you give away the teachings of the Creator of all Mankind, His book the Bible, The U.S. Constitution and trade them in for technology and science and social justice and DEI, ESG and on and on you will lose everything good and end up lost, a citizen without a country. And this is what has and is being taught in our government schools K-12.

If you are a parent, grand parent, you should be asking a lot of questions and then not be afraid to stand in opposition to all of the progressive Marxist teachings that can so easily be found when one begins to look. I have been appalled at the books in the school and public libraries that are pornographic and available for elementary to high school students. School boards and administrations and unfortunately some teachers (probably many more than we can imagine) have decided to go woke and support a hyper-sexual environment which leads to trans this and trans that. Your children are not being groomed for success as well educated, virtuous adults, but rather as programmed individuals who believe that government has all the answers.

Look out it is here! I am so sorry that I have to speak like this. It hurts me to write these things, though I know they are true. Many in government from the local to national and in our schools from small and large and everything in between have been drenched with this anti-God, anti-moral, anti-good, anti-hope, anti-common sense, anti-freedom… litany of lies.

Again, I say it is up to us to carry a message of Hope in Jesus and to speak words of Truth about life, its beginnings and its importance. It is up to us to expose to our neighbors or whoever our Lord Jesus puts us in front of that right is right and wrong is wrong. We know what is what and we must with respect but fervently let others know what is going on in our country! Yes, right in our towns, villages, counties, cities and in our rural areas and yes at our borders we need to be our best and help our children be their best.  We must help rebuild the family and its great importance as laid out in the Bible.

I believe that our God who is merciful and loves us and loves our fellowman is trying to get us to make people aware of the evil which is tearing our culture and country apart and in turn hurting, abusing and even killing many. We must stand in prayer and believe our prayers are being answered – expect them to be answered because what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong!

We are post July 4, 2023 and I hope you remember each day throughout this year what kind of sacrifices were made by our founders as is stated in the last 4 lines of the Declaration of Independence.

” And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence (God, Emphasis mine) we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

In closing, Let me say, to be fair, I know there are many good people in this country who love Freedom and love our children and the family. Many are starting to speak up and take action. We must share Truth with as many as we can. Each time we share Hope and Truth it makes an impact for good. Together we can make a real difference for good. We must!

I am moved by your words of encouragement when you share thoughts with me, keep them coming 🙂


Dr. Jim