According to Dictionary.com a foundation is “the basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation of both society and religion. When I think about a foundation, my first thought is the foundation of a house or the foundation on which we build our everyday lives. There is something about having a good foundation isn’t there?


As an organization, you can be a small business or large! You can be for profit or not for profit. Regardless, when your organization began it was built on some sort of a foundation. So, it could be built on family tradition and beliefs and a desire to serve others. Maybe on a passion for some very specific principle that was important to the founders. It could have been built on religious or other philosophical ideas or concepts. Regardless, there is a beginning and subsequent organization that is resting on a foundation of some type.


I remember when my parents bought their first house in which I was going to live, how they went into the basement and looked over the walls and floors looking for cracks or weakness, which could cause trouble going forward. And different times heard them talking about how they needed to repair this or that crack in the basement. The foundation was important.


There is much to say about foundations, but today I want to leave you with the question; what is the foundation on which I have built my life and that of my family and or business? You can even reflect on the foundation on which the U.S.A. was built and why. If you do not consider yourself a leader in a business or organization but enjoy your work and you want to be successful and fulfilled; and would like the opportunity to take more responsibility and lead or be in management, think about that question.


I look forward to sharing more with you soon. But do not forget if you would like some counsel on a big decision, or project in your family or where you otherwise lead, let me know. I am looking for 3 different organizations that I may assist and the only charge for my services is a good recommendation (if I deserve it). You may contact me at doctorjimjohnson@hotmail.com Look forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Jim