A Play Off Mentality 12/15/22

Greetings! I hope to convey some thoughts that are relevant to this Christmas Season 2022 and beyond. I enjoy this time of year so much. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man. A powerful time and this time up to Christmas Day we call Advent. We are remembering the coming of Immanuel/God with us and we also look forward to His Second Coming. We think and pray about all of this and then celebrate on December 25. We are encouraged in our faith to be vigilant to look for His return, but at the same time do all we can do to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. Being vigilant, living lives that do not compromise The Gospel is important. So though waiting on His return we are also engaged in doing the everyday work of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We do both! We’ll talk more about this in the days ahead.

Whether it be your family or your work or the business you may own or the church you may pastor, you must be vigilant each day to maintain and to look ahead at the same time. You dream, anticipate the new and pay attention to basics that work best. We don’t want to be careless, do we? Freedom like a crop of wheat or an orchard of apples must be maintained with simple but basic and correct or true processes. We must pay attention to things, like the marriage of a man and a woman, otherwise disaster could change everything and not for the good. The point? Pay attention take necessary action not for just a moment or two but daily work at the good things you want to maintain and are of value to you, your family, your fellow employees and your fellow citizens.

In March of 2023 it will be 3 years since the Covid 19 fiasco began. The handling/ response of and to it was one that we had never seen the likes of in this country. As citizens we were not paying attention to our Freedom and for most people the thought was, if the government says this or that we must do it – not! We have a constitution, and it declares our rights as citizens of this country. It has been said that the two primary things that help keep the USA free are a knowledge of and following the teachings of the Bible and understanding our American history, our founding and the important documents that spell out what is ours in a Constitutional Republic. Most Americans 3 years ago were not up to date on the Bible nor our Constitution. Thus, people were forced to do things and take things that were harmful to them and their families – and there was very little resistance…sort of OK if the mayor or governor or public health director or president says this or that and it even overrides our faith and freedom we should do it! Again, not!

Many businesses are still struggling some families have been so negatively impacted by the forced government limitations and lying of the government, doctors, journalists, and on and on that they may never recover fully. The man made and intentionally released virus and the untested and dangerous injection that some called the “vaccine” were bad enough. But the stringent economic guidelines imposed, and the other craziness (mask and other mandates) all worked well for those at the World Economic Forum, the CDC, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO, Big Pharma, the legacy media but crushed so many lives, that at this time it is difficult to measure the magnitude of those well planned but evil actions.

I want you to know that I am thankful for what remains of our freedoms especially when I look at the CCCP or other nations like Australia and on and on. But as I focus on this season, we are all trying to enjoy I find encouragement and insight to go along with the danger that lurks around every corner of our free nation. Encouragement to stay focused on the reason for the Season, Jesus Christ. Insight, that tells me to not grow weary in well doing as a Christian or as an American Citizen.

Whew, took me a while to get to it but I do want to mention the Play Off Mentality of many Christians and US Citizens. It is so easy to treat our faith in Jesus Christ as though it is important at Christmas and Easter but otherwise, we sort of just go along to get along and live our lives without passion and daily commitment to Him and to our fellow man and the maintenance of our Chrisitan lives. As a US Citizen we look at Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Fourth of July, maybe Pearl Harbord Day and those elections every 4 years and the mid-term elections every 2 years, do our thing, pay attention, vote and go on as though all is well. It doesn’t work out well with a Play Off Mentality toward life.

We must pay attention to our Faith and to being a Citizen just as we pay attention to being a good husband or wife – you get the idea. We may be treating   these important things as though their upkeep is seasonal like the World Series, an NBA Championship, an NFL Superbowl, a College Football Championship or the Olympics that occur every four years. It is a Play Off Mentality in all of life that prevents us from so many things. That has got to stop of course if you are treating your Christian Faith that way. But being a US Citizen is no different – we must be vigilant to maintain Freedom. attend and speak out at school board, city council and other government meetings where decisions are being made that can maintain or steal your freedoms. The Play Off Mentality must stop. We must be in the game of life everyday as a Christian or simply as a good moral person and as a US Citizen. We must pay attention not just during the times of celebrations, but daily and weekly and monthly all year – to assure the best for ourselves, families, and our fellow travelers on this planet.

I look forward to Christmas and Easter all year because I live my Faith all year – everyday. You can look forward to Freedom if you pay attention and stand up for rule of law and other rights given to us by God in our Constitution. The world is aching and hurting. You and I can celebrate our Faith and our Freedom and impact an entire society to do good, be moral and never stop working for those things that are unchangeable and are just what we need to live free, prosperous and long lives.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Dr. Jim