Action – Risk and Benefit


I have always enjoyed people taking action on things they really like and feel are important. I love to see a dad and mom take action on behalf of their family – maybe it is teaching something at home you feel is being taught only in part at school. Maybe dad and mom decided to take a risk and invest their time and effort in a small business to initially add some much needed income to buy a different house, my parents did that. Maybe as a entrepreneur you take Action to build that next new warehouse or update your businesses’ technology. You get the point, right? Doing something, whether a bit mundane or over the top important – taking Action is important.

When you take action you always, whether consciously or sub-consciously do some risk-benefit analysis on the Action that will be taken or you want to take. In the middle of this plandemic of Covid 19 – I lost well over 50% of my earned income. I had to make adjustments and make those within my personal parameters of what I believed was right and wrong as our government leaders – slammed the door on Hope and ministered fear. I took all of this seriously. What should I do, how do I do it? Do I compromise my personal beliefs and convictions? Well, I had to make some radical changes and a lot of thought and prayer went into those decisions. I think it has worked – we’ll see, but I was not frozen and I went on to take some action.

Taking Action when you know you should and then not doing it is bad, trouble lies ahead. And, while you take action make sure to include others in your action. Somehow you can and should include doing something good for others. I have tried to design my work doing The Buy In Project with a goal of helping people with some of my services done free. I will spend more time with people in consultation, no charge. I will be specific but I will help others – Why? I have learned that helping others, doing something unselfishly always sets the stage for greater good down the road.

I would argue that we as the American People are very close to losing everything that many have sacrificed to keep. We should have Courage and take Action for the good of your family, business, ministry andy our neighbors, fellow citizens. Weigh the risks and consider the benefits and with the understanding of what is right and honest take Action. Give Hope and expect the best – it would never hurt to pray to the One who helped create this nation and has given you and your family the opportunity to experience Freedom that many on this earth only dream of experiencing.


Dr. Jim