This is hoping that you and your family are enjoying this beautiful summer. My family and I travelled out west this summer into Montana and Wyoming. We covered about 4000 miles and 9 states. We enjoyed ourselves as we visited national parks and hot mineral baths and saw lots of wildlife. Pretty cool!

Back home in the great lakes area we returned to find lots of green and wonderful summer days. The United States of America has some beautiful spots regardless of where you go. For some business/free enterprise stuff is going well. For some businesses there is a lot of being unsure what will happen next. In the 70’s we had inflation, unemployment and interest rates in double digits. It was an interesting time and challenging as well. But today (Again) those same challenges are before us. Today, people are in debt, really in debt, just like the U.S. Federal Governement (don’t think I want to be in the same category as the U.S. Federal Governement, know what I mean)? I heard today that if you take all of the debt the feds are dealing with and have caused by their carelessness for you and me it is in the range of $120 trillion. The name for this printing of money like it is monopoly money is called quantitative easing. When a government prints that much money – the marketplace is flooded with dollars and free enterprise takes a hit. You see, whatever projections and plans a business tries to make in this environment, they are going to find instability and an inability to figure out next steps, because of the financial currents and undercurrents. Trust me, money thrown into the marketplace like this is not a case of good business principles. It is however a case of collectivism, socialism and its many synonyms which DO NOT characterize Freedom.

You and I are watching as 85,000 plus new IRS Agents will begin to use high level invasive technology to evaluate you and me and see what they can collect from us to continue to help the federal government continue its power, sex and money grab. Always remember that in socialism, Marxism, communism, there is always room for those who are wealthy to have a place at the table of favor and do so as long as their money lasts. The rest of us get herded around like cattle getting ready to go to the processing plant.

As an independent businessperson who enjoys building relationships and helping others using my unique skills, I am deeply concerned about the economic pressures we are soon to see (we have seen nothing yet if this continues). You see Freedom means to hear what is going on from media sources that give a clear picture of what is occurring. Some call what we currently have “fake news,” I concur.

I won’t get into this, but how weird is what is going on around us with the fear mongers and their viruses and their lies about what is really going on in our government and in business. We have been told now that there are multiple genders and marriage between two of anything is OK, really? How weird is that? That when two people come together in a pro-creative act (have sex) if life is produced – it isn’t really life though it is the result of two living persons producing it, how weird! BUT so many people don’t think that any of that is weird at all… just live and let live. Well just like anything else, when right is said to be wrong and that which is wrong is said to be right… Houston, we have a problem. We do have a problem in the good old USA and around the world. Just some things to ponder.

Look, without hope in someone or something bigger than us (the Eternal God of the Bible) and a firm moral code as we see in the 10 Commandments being lived out in our society, the Constitutional Republic, we know as the USA will not stand. Oh my, are you willing to let all these basic freedoms of speech, religion, privacy, the press, keeping and bearing arms, owning property and or a business and having an effective rule of law to protect yourself and your neighbors removed? We are watching the disintegration of all this right now. It is happening before our eyes. Read the Declaration of Independence and see what others had to do to gain these freedoms – the options they had are still before us.

If we can’t have a government for and by the people; then we have to seriously ask ourselves what kind of communication with our leaders, we must have to get back on solid ground to have it. Without Freedom, real Freedom we are again back in 1776. Let’s return to the God of the Bible, tell Him we are sorry for our selfishness, self-centeredness and our forgetting who is really in charge. Let us then return to a life that reflects the truths of Freedom. It is not too late, but the sun is setting, and darkness can be seen on the horizon. Ask our God to help and then take action worthy of Him who made us and sustains us. Trust me, our federal, state and local governments are proving and doing so right in front of our eyes, they have lost their moral compass and they think they are in charge, not the God of the Bible who inspired and help create the Freedom we have as Americans.

Be creative, have courage, live humbly before your God. Live your dream while you can and push back the darkness of evil with the everlasting light that you have been given through your faith in Jesus Christ. Millions have done it before us… Again, let us continue this Divine Tradition. This is not a Theocracy, but a Constitutional Republic that has the fingerprints of a loving God all over it!


Dr. Jim