Are you concerned? Are you speaking up? To Whom and When and Where? 5/2/23

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I am blessed to come in contact with a lot of people. In some cases, I share my ideas and thoughts cautiously, but I do share them. Other times the door is more open, I am one who is loquacious, but either way I must share what is on my heart and do so respectfully, but again I do it. I listen and ask a lot of questions when I approach people, or they approach me. By asking questions I learn so much about what is going on with them, but more about what is going on around all of us.

The times we live in, if you haven’t noticed are really different. I have more than a few decades behind me. I have experiences that feed my motivation to speak and or write to others. I am concerned about morality and decency and common sense all in the context of my faith as a Christian. Having lived through some strange and challenging times I have been amazed at how impactful the last 3 years plus have been for me and for most Americans and many around the world.

I would argue as a Christian that most people in USA who say they are Christians have forgotten to what Freedom equates. It equates to a set of moral laws, we may say rule of law which have origins in the 10 Commandments or The Gospel of Jesus Christ; that people can live without fear of government intervention and takeover. They can travel, buy things, work hard and see positive results which lead to a more prosperous life. They can feel confident that the government cannot usurp their authority as parents for the purposes of tyranny and perversion. Freedom means so much in regard to free speech, freedom of religion and free enterprise. My friends, all of this I have mentioned, and more is at stake.

When we talk about the Freedom, we have had in the USA most people of the world have no idea what that type of Freedom is like. There have been multiple challenges to our country since those first Freedom lovers landed on our shores. Look at the wars and challenges since 1776 so many battles fought for Freedom. Once you have experienced tyranny you will never forget it. We have had immigrants tell us about USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, Hungary the Sudan and on and on. Horrible times had to be lived in the midst of turmoil.

The USA has been protected in large part because of the commitment to the God of the Bible and understanding its Constitution and being willing to fight for both when called upon. Today, though there are patriots among us, those who want Freedom, there are so many people who have become so interested in themselves, how much they have and where they can go and what they can do that they have forgotten both a knowledge of the Bible and God Himself. They have also forgotten about our Constitution which has outlasted almost all in the world existing for almost 250 years. The average life of a constitution worldwide is about 17 years. But right now, all of this Freedom could end. I am not being negative but after years of live and let live the American people are within an arms distance of losing everything. But this can change, if we so desire, really desire.

I write a blog and maintain a website to promote Freedom. During Covid, I challenged State Legislators in my State to speak out. I paid for my own radio spots and spoke to issues about the tyrannical approach to life our local and State and Federal governments were involved in. I tried to communicate with key Christians and pastors and Christian radio stations to stand and resist all the government restrictions and we even had some of us walk around the State Capitol the day after Christmas in 202o and read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution and pray for our State and country. I did all I could do with some short videos on my website. Anyway, I tried and did so faithfully hoping for good. Worked on elections for local, State and Federal Change in government for pro USA policies. Helped get new county commissioners and school board members elected in 2022 to stand against DEI and pornography and on and on. I just did what I could do, no big deal.

Today, I write and ask you: Are you concerned? Speaking up? To Whom, When and Where? Where we attend Church talked about Governement and Faith during the national elections around the elections but not since. Where are the pastors and Christians that should be standing against the evil and tyranny that will cause death and destruction to many. When good Government is no longer, evil resides, and flourishes and lives and futures and hope are all lost. We are in the process of losing but with God’s Help and our turning back to the God of the Bible (Jesus) speaking up about Life and Creation and the fundamentals of goodness and love and kindness and all of that in a fair and just government at all levels we can mitigate the march to tyranny.

Try this:

  • If you are a believer, tell someone, face to face about Jesus. He can change everything!
  • Tell them about Freedom and the importance of God and His Word in our lives. How tyranny kills and mames individuals and families.
  • Tell them Governement built upon Godly principles as being the key to Freedom as we have known it.
  • Explain just some of the basics of our Constitution to others. Rule of Law, Property Rights…
  • Tell people (or do it at your church yourself) to have weekly 5-minute messages behind their pulpits about how the Bible was at the heart of the founding of this nation. Reference the signers of both the Declaration and Constitution.
  • Don’t be afraid. If you are a Christian, then you have been placed in this nation for a time such as this.


In closing: Freedom = Tirrany has no Power! You and I are here in this moment in time because we have been created and now live right now! Not 100 years earlier or 100 years later. NOW! You live in a country that has been given the gift of Freedom. Founders and those before them came to an empty land with Hope in their hearts! Today, pick the topic: gender mutilation. Public schools that have turned into government schools. Not obeying a constitution which has been around longer than any other in the world. Immigration into our country – out of control which threatens our freedoms but also endangers the lives of children and others. Economic decisions that are crushing the budgets of good people who work hard and try to make it. On and on.

But you and I not only need to speak out against the horrible practices, but we need to pray (communicate with God). We need to believe and then have faith that our prayers have been answered and then we praise the Lord Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers, that is faith and that brings peace, while we wait. Some prayers are asking. Other prayers are thanking and praising Him. Do it all and expect Him to answer and do so for our welfare. He loves not hates us. Our government leaders in general, with some exceptions are horrible. But we with our God, Jesus on our side are powerful. Let’s believe and have faith in that…Read II Chronicles 7:14. We do what we are supposed to do and then give it to Him. Then He like no other will take care of business for us.

I’ll be back!

Dr. Jim


P.S. In prayer, listen for that small still voice or that sense, unction to do something and then do it! It may be friendly to someone or buy something for someone or share the Good News of Jesus, or pray with someone, or simply share that we are losing our Freedom, so they know it. That is what we are here for…