Summer 2024 Thoughts!

Greetings to each of you! I haven’t blogged though I have been very busy working on behalf of Freedom. I simply wanted to come to you not just saying something but as always being thoughtful and intentional about what I say. So, I think you will hear something from me weekly for a while. I […]

A Free Fall and Fill the Basket!

Greetings, to each of you! I apologize if you have looked for a Blog post from me and haven’t seen it over these past weeks. I have so many thoughts and ideas to write about and simply need clarification before I write. I have found inspiration and clarification, so here is my latest post. Much […]

Thinking on a Summer Day – June 22, 2023

Greetings, to each of you! I made a mistake in my last blog. I wrote Thomas Dewey instead of John Dewey. My mistake and I have corrected it. Just wanted to let you know. I was resting today after our family had spent a few days UpNorth in Michigan. Last year at this time we […]

A Few Thoughts During the Summer 2023 – July 15, 2023

Greetings! Another warm and sunny Summer day in the upper mid-west. Our Spring this year didn’t give us the rain we often receive – you know, April showers bring May flowers :). But as would happen Jesus knows what we need and He provides, meets those needs as we serve Him! So, let’s do our […]

Enough is Enough is Enough!!! June 14, 2023

Greetings to each of you! Another beautiful day in the upper Midwest/great lakes area! I am so thankful for my Freedoms in this country. I appreciate the opportunities to work and have personal and family prosperity. Just average U.S. Citizens have more than most people in the world.  I have had a good life in […]

Stand Up and Speak Out Part II following Memorial Day 2023

Greetings, we have now formally honored those who served in the U.S. Military and those who gave it all for Freedom. I am thankful year round for those who were able to set aside fear and march forward so that we could and can enjoy Freedom!!! I was very straight forward in my last blog. […]

Stand Up and Speak Out! Part l Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Greetings! Another beautiful day here in the upper Midwest of the USA! Grass is getting greener, and trees have beautiful leaves on them and the flowers, well the flowers are stupendous. My wife has planted the flowers again this year and Wow! I address this to everyone! Find a way to make your Voice of […]

Hearing and Doing in 2023 – April 19, 2023

Well, it has certainly been a while since I wrote a blog post. I can only tell you that I wanted to, but simply had so much on my mind and in my heart that I did not know what to say first. Have you ever felt that way? In addition, I want to make […]

What Are We thinking? Doing?

Greetings! Over the last 7 years I have been watching the things around me.  I have been asking questions of myself and because I am blessed to have some friends who hold public office, I have been asking them some questions and trying to encourage them. It is so difficult for me to put a […]