Change and Back to the Basics


I was wondering a bit this week how change, changes us? I think most of us don’t like radical change. Most of us don’t like much change at all unless it requires little of us and provides big benefits. I think to one extent or another that is true of all of us, including me. So, what to do with change?

One day I was with a U.S. Senatorial Candidate, and he told me that he didn’t mind change that was positive for the vast majority of people but did not like change simply for the sake of change. Well, I agree with that! So, have you experienced change in your life? You know as we went through the plandemic change occurred like we had never seen in this country. I mean coast to coast and top to bottom and corner to corner. Businesses were shut down, but many big box store businesses were permitted to stay open. People who were not sick had to isolate and stay home. People had to cover up with masks which had been proven to make no positive difference. There was a change from traditionally discussing good basic hygiene habits to discussing nothing but fear and doubt. We were told millions here in the U.S. would die. But, we knew that from the beginning of the plandemic there was a 97% recovery rate.

Yes, older people and especially those who were already sick, or not in good health should be offered extra attention. Others who were younger who were not in good health should be given some special attention. But, change came in waves with no regard for the mental, emotional health of Americans. This was huge change and I would argue that much more damage was done to us as a nation than good. Why were these changes so dramatic? We could discuss that at length, but regardless all of that, change has led to economic stress, educational stress, stress for families. There were things about our country and freedom revealed which we may not have expected. Neither treatment nor prophylactic protocols were permitted, which would have helped millions of U.S. Citizens. That change flew in the face of a historic trend of being able to get treatment when one was sick. Now, that was a change.

I mention Covid19 because I think we can all agree that the handling of it first by our government, followed by others represented huge change. But what happens when you have change like this? My first instincts were to go back to the basics. What basics? The everyday common sense/good sense and sound, practical judgement I had learned over a lifetime, that being, good hygiene. Under the same conditions, I would have probably reverted to the same basics when I was 10 or 11 years of age. Why? Because I had experienced change when I was young when people were sick and had to be quarantined, I learned about good hygiene and understood the common sense approaches we had been taught. When I was young, we weren’t commanded by government to lockdown and cover up. What a change all of that was…

Look, maybe younger people have not been taught by their parents to respect but not to bow down to government. When you watched things on TV didn’t you wonder, what was going on? Did it make sense? Early on in the “vaccine”/jab process a neighbor told me his daughter who was like 11 or 12 said, why do I have to take this shot then wear a mask? It didn’t make sense. Something that is to help should stop what is bad, right?  So much more to this. Change could be seen by some as hurtful not helpful. But to others whatever the government said, we will do it. What happened to the Declaration of Independence 1776 and the idea that an overwhelming and “always right” government was scary. A return to the basics would say, this is not right and I am going to go to my legislators and public health officials and demand all of this be reconsidered. I want them to help bring all of this under control to benefit not hurt people. The basics/your instincts and what you have learned about our founding as a nation, would say, we need to lift the heavy hand of government off of our families, businesses, schools. We need to promote faith and hope instead of death and destruction.

The basics of life and dealing with change can sometimes be really traumatic, because the change is so big and impactful. But I would argue whatever is happening in your personal life, your family, at work, in your county, city, or country, a return to common sense and the basics of life, will help dramatically change things for the better. Ultimately a return to the basics of life and common sense enhance the healing process whatever that may entail.

My friends, I may be in the minority in this country of ours today, maybe. But, I still believe when one has a strong faith in the God of the Bible and lives that out, and understands the rights we have via our U.S. Constitution; then handling these big overwhelming changes, though challenging, become much more easy to handle.

When my wife and I were first married we experienced tragedy and even though our families were common sense, we were overwhelmed. One thing you do not want to do is get involved in drinking too much alcohol like I did, not good. You do want to just put one foot in front of the other, trust God and handle each challenge one at a time using common sense. Mary and I did that to an extent, but we had our moments. Just doing the simple things and adjusting as needed, and not overdoing it was what was needed. Though overwhelmed, when we used that common sense we were taught and learned from childhood as we watched our parents, we did much better.

Today, when I see all of the distractions of technology, social media etc. impacting the lives of people probably more than not negatively, I wonder, have they experienced the basics? Do they understand basic right and wrong? Do they understand that success and victory in life ultimately depend on going back to the basics of simplicity; love, helping each other, working hard, saving today for tomorrow, not going into debt?

Let me share a secret with you…we were created not evolved from a primordial pond or soup. There is a God. Our country for the very most part was built on Judeo-Christian Principles. When we take a deep breath and get good advice from good people and stay on the course of life that is simple, and basic, we win, we prosper, we have all we need and much of what we want.  The basics of life always provide what we need, when we need them, primarily because they come from a creator and redeemer that loves us. Change is something that never stops, we have it throughout our lives and sometimes more than we desire. When this occurs, we need to return to the basics, the simple steadfast ways that in the end help us get through our challenges and live with hope not doubt and fear.

I’ll be back,

Dr. Jim