Greetings, here we are into Spring! Resurrection Sunday/Easter has come and gone and we are here going into another late Spring and early Summer…in my 7 decades on this earth this has never changed. What I may do or be involved in during this time each year may change, but our the big events and the weather though one year may have more rain than another or be warmer than another or more storms etc. may occur, it is still Springtime and that has never changed.¬†Change is an interesting word. Webster’s New World Dictionary (1966) says in part, change: is “to put or take (a thing) in place of another or something else, substitute).

As you know my goal is to help people who have leadership responsibilities in a business or other organization, for profit or not for profit or in their family to determine the buy in to do something new, implement a new project by their team or family members. I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, psycho-therapist or other. I am however one who has experienced a lot in my life in business and in life. I have learned how to do a few things and I find I can help people determine buy in or counsel in a way that helps them take solid next steps to get the buy in needed to fulfill a vision.

Let’s get back to change. Maybe we should also talk briefly about things that do change as well to bring a contrast. For you cannot have one without the other, right? Up is up because there is a down. Sad is sad because there is a happy. My point here is that some things change and others don’t. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl – that does not change. Technology, medicine, science can change because we learn more about them, right? I would argue that we must be cautious not to try to change the unchangeable into the changeable. We don’t change gravity, though we can apply the principles of lift and thrust and overcome gravity, but ultimately the complexity and the sound principle of gravity will again overcome lift and thrust; if either of them are interfered with; so an airplane will come down and rather quickly.

I want to encourage you to think about what your life is built upon and is that foundation changeable or not? What holds you to that foundation? Is it moorings, that is ropes or cables of love and goodness and peace and joy and those things which are supportive and help produce good results in your life? Or not? Are you attempting to change the unchangeable? The reason for this encouragement is because in a world with so much information flying helter-skelter and it appears the willingness of humanity to jump in and believe so much of it, that a double check on what should or should not change or attempted to be changed is really important. It is important to every area of your life.

Your business, that is your ability to participate in free-enterprise is being affected right now by people who are trying to change the unchangeable. Your next moves to fulfill your vision for your business, organization or family are going to be impacted by what you believe, what your foundation is and if your moorings are all intact. For example people believe the economic pie is static. You can only earn so much and there is only so much money in that pie. Actually, that is only true when, for an example, an outside force such as a more selfish government steps into the marketplace and takes large amounts of money for its use. Otherwise, the economic pie can expand especially with an understanding of the basics of economics of which work is one.

In closing who you are and what you believe and what you build your life (a foundation) on and how you stay connected to your beliefs (moorings) is going to show up in the results of your life’s activities. Your understanding of change (substituting one thing for another) is going to play a big role in the next steps of your life including your career and the lives of your family members. What are your priorities? What are their origins? What results are you seeing as you follow the path you are on? Good thoughts to part with…

Dr. Jim