Clarity and Hope

Greetings! I am back. I have been gone a while from blogging and podcasts. But I am back, and you can depend on me weekly doing both through the end of the year and beyond!!!

Clarity is seeing things with certainty, intelligibility – the popular word here may be transparency. Common sense is things making sense, sound judgement. Hope is dreaming, imagining expecting. I am going to give you some homework later. After talking to a former College President, the other day who was now 86 years old. He had several grand and great grandchildren and told me, “I wish the younger with young heads, especially those in their teens and 20’s and 30’s would listen to some of us who have old heads.  I wish I could talk to them and help them get a clear picture of what is happening in the world?” I like him believe a good dose of common sense from an old head would help the young heads understand life a bit more and for good, I may add.

You see when you hear the ongoing line about how bad the USA is when it has offered more opportunities for freedom than almost anyone ever in the world, doesn’t that make you think and ask why do they say that? Freedom is everything. I suggest you read the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I would be glad to send you a free copy if you contact me on my website and give me your address to send it to you. Why do people want to destroy our law enforcement capacity?  Why do they want cities without police? When Covid19 hit, why didn’t doctor’s, health and medical facilities and researchers use protocols to treat Covid19 before it became serious and then provide protocols for prevention? Isn’t that what we do in America? IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Why are suicide rates through the roof -why? Why are our school libraries populated with verry inappropriate books for students from the very young into high school? Who is saying this is, OK? The parents? Who? The U.S. Government is pouring trillions of dollars into the economy encouraging inflation and at the same time passing an anti-inflation bill to help us poor souls out here in middle America, why? Does this make sense? Any of it? Our legacy media goes along with it and promotes it – all of it! Why?

I am unable to tell you how many people I know who have “Covid” who are fully vaccinated – all the boosters, why? People wearing masks, why? We know they don’t work, fact, why don’t our media tell the truth – why? There are so many jobs available for people to go to work and yet people aren’t working, and when they do their work is so poor the business struggles producing a product or services because, because good workers are needed – always – why isn’t this explained in the media? Climate Change? Why do we believe in climate change which used to be global warming and before that the great freeze – why? Does it make sense that you and I are causing the climate to change, and the solution is to limit travel by all of us and put us in electric cars, does it? We know this won’t work; we know it!!! Why doesn’t our legacy media – ABC tell us the truth? What is going on? People can go nowhere without the handheld computer (cell phone) that permits us to be tracked all the time, why? Are you getting the picture?  The world closed down over a virus. Why? 75% of U.S. Business closed down in less than a week because of a virus/ U.S. never did that kind of thing before, why?  Who’s in charge? What are their intentions?  Check out the World Economic Forum, George Soros, Bill Gates and his foundation the CCCP, our current leaders from the local school board to the white house. Why is our currency in danger? Who is in charge of that and our energy and our law enforcement?

Look, I want you to LOOK! Ask questions? If there is even a slight chance that there was election fraud in last election – regardless of the candidates – don’t we want to check that out and make sure it is not occurring? Why aren’t our elected officials trying to make sure fair elections are in order? Why? Without fair elections you no longer have freedom…really simple. We don’t have a democracy; we have a constitutional republic.   Why, because in pure democracies the majority rules and when special interests get a hold, they can make the entire country do what they want – even if it is a really bad thing. Do you get it?

Hope is not in governments. That is why the USA pulled away from England. The people were serving the King. Here, there is no King and our elected officials are to serve us. Quite a change and all around the world, this country stands out as a bastion of freedom – a safe place from tyranny. But the path we are on is dangerous. No country will survive and be free if it is not run by moral leaders. When the people first came to this country some 400 years ago religious freedom and everyday freedom were the basics for which they came to this land. They planted a cross on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

I do not want a nation where people of different faiths are told they cannot live. I want people to be able to worship and live in peace. The challenge for non-Christians is many don’t like that this country was built on Judeo-Christian Principles. The basic teachings of the Bible were planted in the hearts of the people. The 10 Commandments, The Gospel of the Eternal God Jesus. Tyrants never like Christianity or Judaism because that means the tyrants are not our god. But if you want Hope, it is found in the Bible and by serving its God. We know that. We need to understand that if the God of the Bible is in charge of our lives, if we love like he says love or come close, that love will push back darkness and a much more peaceful and hardworking and productive people will reside within its borders. That is a good start don’t you think?

Stand Up and Challenge evil with good. Protect your children and make sure those you permit to watch and teach them are worthy of your child – who is a gift from God. Protect your way of life by voting in leaders that love life from the womb to natural death. Make sure they love a sovereign nation with borders that permit wise and prudent immigration. Only you and I can make sure we turn a free country that has been fought and died for over to our children and grandchildren.

In closing, for the last two years though a consultant – and independent businessperson, I have focused on freedom for without it there is no free-enterprise. However, I would like you to look over my website and if I could be of service to you, contact me on my website and I will get back to you asap. I am good at helping people fulfill their dreams and visions, and grow their businesses, ministries and even help their families do great things!

Homework: Ask more questions, find new sources of information We need to see more clearly – clarity. We need to use common sense. We need to have hope – that is found in Jesus Christ.

I’ll be back,

Dr. Jim