Common Sense. Yikes! Where did it go?

Greetings! this is hoping you are doing well. One of the things, actually one thing that has been at the top of my personal list of things we/I have lost during this era of SARS-CoV-2 has been the loss of freedoms and the threat of permanently losing them. Freedom is a valuable quantity. Loss of freedom is usually accompanied with a loss of common sense which is an important element of freedom. Common sense in Webster’s New World Dictionary, of the American Language, College Edition @Copyright 1967, tells us it is… sound and practical: sensible… ordinary good sense.

I came from a small rural town. My mom did not come close to graduating from high school , but she was smart, caught on and learned quickly, my dad  came closer to graduating but was the same way. My wife’s family, ditto – but they had common sense. Come to think of it with a few exceptions most people I know have common sense. Some of us  choose for a reason or two to ignore common sense at various times, but even they/we (all of us who are human) for the most part catch on and return to the basics of common sense.

Common sense tells me even if there is some different or strange influence on a situation, ultimately common sense is the answer. It is! It is! It is! I have been through several epidemics in my life time and only in this one with SARS- CoV-2 have I seen lives dramatically changed and primarily because of the lack of common sense among our public officials, elected and non-elected. Our U.S. Constitution trampled leaving people in high stress situations when what they really needed was common sense and the freedom to live their lives with practical  and God given knowledge.

Please understand, I am not in favor of foolish actions based on hyperbole. I am saying we already knew if we paid attention to good sources, that SARS-CoV-2 was not going to be worse than the annual flu and when there were known and proven treatments, to reduce danger of seriousness of the virus, they should be made available and used. Not ignoring those until you have an experimental injection that will “help?” while also ignoring the biological fact of herd immunity. – Made no sense – common sense was overlooked.

Why am I focusing on this? As a consultant, I work with businesses, faith-based Christ – centered non- profits and families to help them recognize buy – in to fulfill their dreams and visions. In essence I work with real everyday people. All of these were hit hard because anxiety, fear, doubt, lack of hope and in many cases depression (The Toxic Crew), raised their ugly heads and became prominent in the lives of many wonderful people. Common sense was ignored. They (businesses, faith-based Christ – centered non- profits and families ) are social, cultural, traditional structures that are a part of our everyday lives and are important and need hope and freedom to flourish. All of that was ignored for selfish reasons by our leaders in government from federal to local, in the high tech businesses, other big corporations much of the media and more, to pursue power, sex and money in one form or other. Following a lot of  money usually leads to places where evil is working hard. But, the other two factors are historically present and very relevant.

I want to encourage you to listen to the common sense inside you. Weigh the information that is directed toward you before you take action. Look for the sources which make sense – and then stand for what makes sense, common sense. There are basics in life: 1+1=2, the world is made up of boys/men and girls/women, we see the sun rise in the east and set in the west, daily. We know that weather changes from year to year  but there is always: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Our food grows on both the ground and on trees and bushes, temperatures are explained in averages for a reason. Freedom to move freely, speak freely, worship our God freely and create an abundant life accessing the principles of Free Enterprise, property rights and  rule of law are all important, they make sense, common sense. Hmmmm, some people may disagree with those statements, but common sense based on experience tells me, they are true. What do you think?

Have a wonderful week,

Dr. Jim