Greetings, I was thinking about the last time I was really courageous. What is COURAGE? doing something that frightens you. I know sometimes when we do something that frightens us that adrenalin becomes a part of how we handle it. Great stories which star ordinary people that do great things in the middle of true danger to benefit someone else. I am always amazed at what people will do not only to save someone else or help someone else, but what people will do to overcome their fear of something they must do for themselves to gain ground or overcome something, a personal achievement.

Regardless of the reason, COURAGE is valuable. Some of us shy away from doing something courageous because the sacrifice is to great. I get that. I place value on things for myself, and determine how far I will go to accomplish or achieve that something that is important to some, very important to others and not all that important to me, or important to me. I imagine you do that to some degree as well, right?

At the end of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson writes:  “…And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our our sacred Honor.”

Really? That much for Freedom? You mean I may have to give up my $1000+ I-Phone? My $150+ ear buds? Get off of Facebook and do something other than talk to others? Or, just move away from social media and do something real? Today, that is probably part of the equation, right? But, maybe pull my kids out of public school, (now more like government schools), so they don’t have to be saddled with masks and threats of getting an RNA/DNA manipulation jab? Or, being placed separate from other kids if they don’t fall in line? Do homeschool until things straighten up and my children are taught the values in which our family believes?

Would I rearrange my life to make sure my kids are taught well not only the basic academics but the moral issues I feel are so important as well. Would I home school my kids, for their sake, not my ease? What courageous thing lies before you in just everyday life, where you must sacrifice that new car, or that season ticket to your favorite pro or college team games? Or spending all day Saturday and Sunday watching favorite stories, programs etc. etc. that are being streamed into my house for only $8.95 a month? Will I give the potential first Trillion-Aire much of my money and time just so I can see or have something I really don’t need, delivered to me by their cute but often dirty vans?  Let’s see, would I give up my cable TV package and my new 5G service and spend time with my family? What will I do you ask; without all of these things or a modification of those things for the welfare of my children or wife or myself? You get the point right?

I love to work with businesses, faith-based, Christ-centered non-profits and families to help them fulfill their vision for the good things in life. I DO. I believe in Free-Enterprise, Property- rights, Rule of Law, expanding the economic pie for me and for others I serve. I like freedom of religion, to speak, to travel. I do not like an all big, all consuming government whether at the state or federal level – nope – like the Founders of this great country – I want freedom first. I will then work hard, and be my best for my family and neighbors and customers. I will respect good government, I will serve the God of the Bible which our Founders sometimes called Divine Providence. I will  have nice things and will use my gifts that I was created with to be the best I can be, for my God, family and my fellowman.

Today, my friends, it is going to take COURAGE to do what I just wrote about in the preceding paragraph and more. If you have not taught your children about the greatness of our country, the USA, you should. It has been in business for well over 200 years and offered opportunities for a better life to millions and millions who run from tyranny and desire to be a part of the greatest country in the world! People will go through a process of citizen training and waiting years to ultimately become a citizen of the United States of America. You can tell your children and others it hasn’t always been pretty, it has been tough and bloody – but improvements have come and are still coming, despite its detractors-that want other things, other than freedom.

Stop, think, what kind of control is coming? We have been masked, locked down, had rights taken away, threats for even more and worse. This is just the beginning unless we stop it from occurring. I respect good government. I respect good medicine and on and on. But I have no respect for lying and cheating and hurting and the destruction that evil brings. Evil has been bringing it hard for the last several years and especially the last two years.

I know what I have written may be difficult for some to swallow.  But my purpose is to share with you and tell you that you may have to be a person of COURAGE going forward to save your family and your government from the clutches of evil that will cause hurt and heartache for many years to come. In the end, for Free-Enterprise, Property – rights and Rule of law – to remain it will take COURAGE by you to challenge what is being taught to your children in school; or what your city council or township board are doing to keep things safe rather than perpetuate craziness that leads to heartache.

I would rather have COURAGE now before freedom disappears, than to have to muster the COURAGE in the face of tyranny that is established – throughout my country including my neighborhood.

God Bless You!

Dr. Jim