Enough is Enough is Enough!!! June 14, 2023

Greetings to each of you! Another beautiful day in the upper Midwest/great lakes area! I am so thankful for my Freedoms in this country. I appreciate the opportunities to work and have personal and family prosperity. Just average U.S. Citizens have more than most people in the world.  I have had a good life in this country. I hope you have and are enjoying it as well.

Speaking about beautiful weather, you know I remember in the 1970’s we were going to freeze because of the dramatic climate changes that were coming. Nope, didn’t happen. Then global warming was going to take us out in the 80’s up into the 90’s. Nope, didn’t happen. Then came climate change so that any changes could have a category a spectrum if you will in which to be classified. It is odd and revealing that the same people who are warning us of all of these horrible world ending scenarios, are the same globalists that want population control.

Globalism. I can tell you many years ago I thought globalism was all of us as nations trading and doing business and even exchanging cultural traditions etc. and it seemed Ok to me, though I always questioned the intentions of these powerful people who could pull all of this off. Oh well, we all get busy raising our families, going to work and get sidetracked though we do care about what happens in our state, country and world. Then we start to see weird things going on. These things may be weird and even so out of the norm that they get our attention, but we think those are just weird people and what they are doing is fringe stuff – too much common sense in the world to watch those things become prominent in our lives.

We had safeguards in America; our biblically based Constitutional Republic, Churches and Synagogues. I love that as a Christian I can express my faith freely in and or out of my local Church. What has happened?   When you are Free you appreciate your Freedom, but you should be ever vigilant as there are those who don’t appreciate it and will work to snuff it out!

But Enough is Enough is Enough! Since when did the fringe sexually deviant become the stars of our culture? Infiltrating our schools, libraries and grooming our children to follow in their dangerous and perverted ways. How about our government from the federal level down dictating powerful and unrealistic environmental, energy, education, employment, economic, public health, healthcare, immigration, law enforcement, military and other policies. Who gives them the right to do these things in a Constitutional Republic?  We the people are permitting it!!! The U.S. Congress is supposed to represent us and use its constitutional authority to protect us. We elect them and they have failed us over and over for many decades. What you are seeing is the coming to fruition of a plan to take down the USA . When it comes to living in Freedom which includes being led by moral citizens and elected officials, in the context of good laws (the Rule of Law), the USA has been the last bastion of Freedom in the world for many years. This last bastion of Freedom in the world is fighting for its life.

Enough is Enough is Enough! The Founders of this great country set it up so that the power comes from the people to govern. Moral people can maintain a free country. They put what is right first and they for the very most part understand that if we don’t trust in God and base our laws on His Principles, we will put our Freedom, our very lives and that of our families and friends in the hands of men. Our founding was because of the control of men and kings in England and elsewhere. We must be a land of obedience to reasonable and effective laws. We must demand that our duly elected officials govern by laws and not their own selfish whims.

Enough is Enough is Enough! I believe the 10 Commandments and the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers when followed can with God’s help keep us Free. Things happen in this life – often sad and tragic. We don’t need bad government which originates in bad hearts to overwhelm us and add to the everyday challenges of life.

Enough is Enough is Enough! Because the USA was built on Judeo-Christian Principles, I say it is time for Christians and their pastors, to be the head of the spear to rescue a hurting nation. To help rescue a nation that is losing its Freedom means we are going to protect ourselves, our children from the murderous hands of tyranny. Tyranny has no respect for human lives and Freedom.

You see, our pastors need to declare from their pulpits that the USA was built on biblical principles and then quote what our Founders said about the Bible and its importance.  Then the members of their congregations should take that information and tell others in their families and their neighbors and even strangers how this country came about and the biblical standards it is built upon. Somewhere, sometime the Church, all Christians need to speak out about our responsibility to be good stewards of the Freedom we have been given by our God! George Washington said that the formation of the USA was ” A Miracle.”

Let us not forget how God has shed His Grace on this Great Country! We have been ” A Shining City on a Hill” overlooking a world from which millions and millions have run to for Freedom. There are people fighting and resisting the powers of evil to keep Freedom alive in the USA.  Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao and so many others have murdered millions and millions to demonstrate their power. They will, again, if given the open door to do so. They will walk or march into this country and crush it. For my God Jesus and for all of His gifts to us and to protect the innocent children and others in this country – I say Enough is Enough is Enough.

Let’s do it! Challenge yourself, your pastor, your family members to stand right now for Freedom! Try what I have shared above and see if we as Christians can cause evil to retreat. I believe we can with God’s Help! Be thankful and tell the God of the Bible how much you appreciate Freedom! Fly the Red, White and Blue! Get copies of the Constitution and Declaration read it and then hand them out. You can get them from the Heritage Foundation. Tell someone about the love of Jesus and the importance of knowing Him, we need changed hearts in our country. We can do this, and I encourage you – be strong!


Dr. Jim