Faith, Hope In The Midst of Disasters 3/1/23

Greetings, it has been a while since I wrote last. I have lots of ideas just don’t have the internal affirmation to write them down.  There are dozens of things we could discuss but let me first discuss what I consider some things that have occurred that concern me, but at the same time I have the solution to the problems.

I love the USA (not more than Jesus and my family, but I do love it) and believe that its formation was in large part due to that Eternal God (Jesus). I love Freedom in my Spirit and in my life as a citizen of the USA. I want everyone to have Freedom. I believe that if the people of the USA would know their Bible and the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution better, a lot better, we would not be in such turmoil. I believe that the USA, a Constitutional Republic not a democracy is at a midnight hour. Our only hope is that good people and people of Faith as our founders will stand and call on our God by His Name, the Name of Jesus, repent and then get on with doing their part to make Freedom a reality in fullness again will save us. Can it be done? Many of us are working on it.

“We as a nation need to know that following our Constitution, The 10 Commandments and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not walking away from Freedom of religion, Free speech, gun ownership (being able to defend ourselves as needed), property rights, rule of law, can help keep us all Free. Engaging in arrogance, gluttony, self-centered ness, selfishness and desire for more and more of material goods and serving other gods like; sports, medicine and pharmaceuticals, technology, education and out of control federal and state governments as it is currently in this country, will not get us Freedom, but tyranny. I believe however that though we may be at the midnight hour in the USA and in the world for that matter, there is Faith and Hope to make a big comeback. We can do it with the help of the Eternal One we know as Jesus.”  – Dr. Jim –

What would things be like for us after 250 years of Freedom with the most enduring Constitution in the world if there was not Faith and Hope to help us get through the brokenness, we see all around us. Well, there is Faith and Hope! I know from over 70 years of living in this country we may be in the biggest battle fought for Freedom since our founding or at least since the Civil War.

There are lots of problems, now, big ones that have us protecting our children and grandchildren and their parents from an all-consuming federal government. Remember we got rid of the King over 250 years ago. No more out of control tyrannical leaders, right? Wrong, here we are again. Some things change for good, but out of control federal government and ignoring a constitution that is some 250 years old and to have tyrannical leaders oversee our lives is not a change for good. If you are asleep, WAKE UP!

Government that gives you everything can take everything away and do so with military power. Government can print money and print money and so on and so on, but what happens when they don’t anymore and you are in debt up to your ears and if the government over-reaches into your personal life more and more, uh oh, one day you will find they set you up and you fell for the bait. It is happening right now! How can they do all of this, and we have no say? This is not China, Russia? Canada? Cuba? Venezuela?  Argentina? Nor other parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia etc., etc., right? Right, but we are rapidly heading the that way, the wrong way.

Now, let’s talk more about how we can turn this Freedom Ship around and get her back to the Port of Liberty. Let’s live our lives with intentionality and some common sense. To do that we must ask some questions, which no one wants to hear us ask?

  • Where, when and how did SARS-Co-V2 Start?  Don’t ask the regular media to answer, go to others. I will give you links.
  • Why the response of the federal government, state and local governments? Was it helpful or harmful?
  • How about the elections in 2020. How could a man who barely went out in public defeat a man who traveled the U.S. and had 10’s of thousands of people at every one of his events lose? Economy was doing well and on and on -just ask how does this occur?
  • How could an injection to protect billions of people be so harmful to so many when historically in the U.S. and abroad?  How can people be mandated to take an injection in a Free country like USA?
  • How could businesses being shut down, people mandated to stay in their houses, churches couldn’t meet and on and on and without any proof this kind of thing was really needed? Was it constitutional?
  • How could Twitter, Facebook and other social media shut down, cancel a sitting President and others who disagree with them? As a private business they can do business with anyone they want, but how did they collude with government agencies, to cancel other Americans and get away with it?
  • How does a Congressional Committe not have equal representation by both political parties in hearings such as January 6, and never get officially admonished? Never have to make things fair.
  • How do we have a President do whatever he wants with our money including pouring billions into the Ukraine and anyone who challenges him is told to shut up!
  • What gives the President or Governors the right to shut down fossil fuel sources and then charge us more because we don’t have them.
  • How, with all of the science in place and Haz Mat procedures so highly advanced do we have so many bad moves as multiple trains derail, food processing facilities go down, food supply chains collapse, water, air and food supplies being poisoned, and no one thinks anything is wrong? These things are just occurring one after the other and all over the U.S. in just one month but have been going on for a long time with no attention being paid to them?
  • Does the government not want us to know that we are already in a recession and one that is very serious and is intended to get worse? That they are getting ready to digitize the U.S. Dollar. What would happen? Find out.
  • Why is our southern border letting people from all over the world including Chinese, Russians, Iranians and others and no body stopping it??? Just a heads up that our northern border is becoming very porous as well.
  • Isn’t the legislative branch of the government the most powerful? Closest to the people per the Constitution? Executive next and Judiciary last? Right?  Why does it seem that the Executive and Judiciary are the most powerful? Hint: read the U.S. Constitution.
  • Why did the FBI track down parents who spoke out at school board meetings concerned about their children and their education and safety call them terrorists? Why?

I work and earn an income also…I realize inflation is eating up our money! I am older and my responsibilities are not the same as 20 years ago. It is tough for lots of people who work hard and just need for the government to let them work, earn an income and be able to afford to live comfortably. This is just one issue. But so many more and so you must speak up with public comments at your city council, school board, county commission meetings. Answer the questions above, gain knowledge. Tell them what you want from them. You don’t want your daughter to have a guy in the girl’s restroom. You don’t want pornographic books within reach of young children in schools and public libraries, nor do you want your parental rights removed. Nor do you want to be forced to buy an electrical vehicle? Forced to believe in a Climate Philosophy that has holes galore in it. Find out more for yourself. Speak up!  Join in prayer with others to see change. Tell friends and family what is going on in our society. You may not feel you are powerful, but you are!

Alot here today. I just want to encourage you to learn and speak up! The everyday media is not on your side if you question their take on what is occurring. Amazing but true. Have faith in our God of the Bible. Hope, imagine, expect Him to work on behalf of us, His People who love Him!

Below is some contact information for you. You may have your own list – that is fine – if you need more and varied contacts to learn about what is going on these may help. Take time and pray for help to understand and take action. This will work.

I’ll Be Back,

Dr. Jim

Contact Information: – also, read Dr. Pam Popper’s Covid Operation: What Happened. Why it Happened. and What’s Next. – read Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin’s book, Covid-19 and the Global Predators: we are the prey.