Hope, Love, Peace and Joy – Trust and Verify? 12/16/22

Greetings! time for another blog adventure – just kidding. My last two blogs have been heavy – though I have tried to be encouraging and hopeful to a point, I have tried to bring some insight, wisdom and hope for action to maintain Freedom for you, your family and loved ones and others here in the USA. It has been a bit heavy, but realistic. When I had finished the previous two blogs, I was pleased. I wrote them but felt worn out – it was hard and not so enjoyable to present thoughts and ideas that were so challenging. Especially challenging when considering the season of the year we are in that Hope, Love, Peace and Joy should be the words we are focusing on and speaking out loud to encourage others.

Christmas time goes back some 2000 years to the birth of Jesus Christ, God with us. That is almost too much to grasp – but it occurred. The exact date we do not know, In the 1700’s during our country’s founding long before Charles Dickens gave his first public performance of The Christmas Story in 1867 in Boston at the Tremont Temple, Christmas was being celebrated. Christopher Flannery (attheamericanstorypodcast.org) wrote:

“At the time of the American Founding celebrations of Christmas varied widely, Puritans and Quakers ignored it. Other protestants and Roman Catholics honored it in their own ways. “…But E Pluribus Unum – out of many one – was the American motto on the Great Seal, and over generations, out of many ways of celebrating or ignoring Christmas, came a recognizable American Way.”

In 1856, President Franklin Pierce put up the first Christmas tree in the White House. In 1870 President Ulysses S. Grant signed legislation declaring Christmas a federal holiday. In 1923 President Calvin Coolidge lit the first Christmas tree on the Ellipse. Christmas related decorations have adorned houses and other locations in our towns and cities. Church Calendar events and traditions have joined the joyful chorus as well as those from Holly wood and of course businesses who have learned to market themselves to engage in this wonderful time of the year.

Some say it is all too materialistic – yes maybe in some regards. But the spirit of giving to others as a part of a larger celebration of immense proportions that has impacted the world positively seems to me to be OK. I get all the extremes and the weird interpretations of doing good and what for and those who claim that Jesus Christ is not God and on and on, I do. But I know when I read my Bible, I see the Big Picture and the impact that Big Picture has had on our nation and helped us keep our Constitution for 235 years in which Freedom is First!

All over the world people celebrate Christmas. Some places it is just a time of celebration – no Jesus, Mary or Joseph. But almost everywhere including in the USA, Christmas trees and Nativity scenes are seen. Families get together to celebrate even though for some families, joy and peace are not present and sadness and turmoil or just plain depression and regret are present. But for those who will have faith in the Bible story of the birth of God’s only begotten son – the Word of God made flesh – even in difficult times there is solace, comfort which restores Hope and even gives us Peace, Joy and helps us receive Love that passes all understanding.

I have been married for 52 years and a dad for 51 years – 3 sons with 2 in the presence of Jesus and another living close by with his beautiful family. I have been in sales, community relations, advancement work for all of those years in one way or another. For the last 7 years I have been an independent consultant working primarily with Faith based-Christ centered ministries. But my work has touched lives of all ages, economic and social strata. I see the value of Freedom in all of those with whom I have worked.  At Christmas time I simply enjoy the presence of the One I have Faith in for eternal life and the help I need right here to live my life on this earth.

I mentioned Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. I have also mentioned Trust and Verify. Ronald Reagan used that phrase after it was provided to him by speechwriter who was also an expert on Russia. Trust and verify is a phrase from a Russian proverb. He was saying trust but don’t do so carelessly or excessively without checking and reaffirming what is really going on with government statements and other voices. Don’t take things for granted. Freedom is made up of trust and checking things out to make sure they are in line with what is right and true,

In this wonderful Season of Christmas don’t let those loud voices which want to change the unchangeable truths of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness win! People are plotting another plandemic. People are trying to take away our sovereignty as a free nation by opening wide without rules of safety and protection for our country, our borders to so many unknown people of which many mean us – the USA harm. The media we used to trust no longer tell the truth – we trusted and didn’t verify.  You get the idea, don’t trust without verifying. Hope, Love Peace and Joy can dominate in a Free Society. These wonderful gifts are real and especially real when you know the Truth, the Way and the Life – Jesus Christ. He is good for your life, those you love and even for your business or personal economy – you get the idea.

Enjoy and Trust but Verify and Be Blessed as we celebrate this wonderful time of the year!!!

Dr. Jim

I quoted from Christopher Flannery, who hosts The American Story and who wrote a great article for Imprimis a publication of Hillsdale College, dated December 2022. Check out both Christopher Flannery and Hillsdale College.