Hi, this is Hoping you are doing well in all ways in your life. I have been thinking a lot about Hope. In ancient writings of which I read a lot, Hope is a part of the definition of Faith. *”Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the evidence of thing not yet seen.” Hope here is literally a substance that is expected to come to pass, will be fulfilled, but it is not seen and or manifested with the human eye or by touch yet.

In the USA we often take for granted that if we want to leave a tough situation and change up our lives we can.  Even from the toughest situation, because of Freedom we have at least a shot, Hope for a better life. For many who have courage to step out from darkness, Freedom gives the opportunity for Hope to become a reality.

When you see government closing in on your country with mandates that have never been made before (that is what happened to the founders of our country). When you see and hear things being taught and done to your children you really disagree with and your only choice is to pull your children out of their school so as to have control of what is being taught and done? Then what? Or you are in a ministry and the government says if you don’t do these things (which are not in line with your beliefs and your mission statement) you will have your 501c3 removed. All of this is going on in the USA to one degree or another, today. Do you have Hope that it will work out and be OK? Or are you starting to question, doubt, that this is going to work out for good.

I would argue that if you are an entrepreneur and you need product and the supply chain is starting to fail; and it is because your supplier can’t get parts and that is primarily because they can’t find enough workers to make the parts – hmmmm, what is your next move going to be? Just so you know, if you are not experiencing this now, you may. I talk to people several times a week, who this is happening too. Then what? If OSHA comes in to talk with you because they heard you weren’t meeting all of the SARSCoV2 government mandates and are going to fine you? Then what?

Hope – that expectation is really important to get well if you are sick in your body or if your country is sick. Do you have Hope today and if so what is it in? An mRNA injection, booster shots, masks? plastic shields? Isolation? The mainstream media? High Tech companies and services? Your government, local, state, federal? The status -quo of Freedom the way we have known it is in real danger and has already begun to change. It is already being modified by many people we don’t know, and many of them are unelected officials.

My Hope is in the God I serve and the Judeo/Christian Principles on which I build my life.  I believe/trust in and have for many years, this strong foundation. I also know that if I don’t stand, respectfully, but stand for what is right – which will help give Hope to others, things are going to keep being very difficult and worsening going forward for our country and our families.

To keep Hope you and I are going to have to stand up and resist the immoral, anti God, and the elitist philosophy that is permeating our nation and the world. We can do it – just making moral/upright decisions and sticking with them and speaking out for them – right now would be a great start. Help make sure elections in the USA are fair and free. For the very most part that has been the case – but many questions surround that process today. In all things, take a deep breath and think. Common sense is your friend.

Have Hope and Imagine what is good, true, authentic, of good reputation, (reputable), good things that are the best not the worst. Speak life not death.

Many battles have been fought for Freedom in our country and Freedom has prevailed. I don’t want to let it fail on my watch, how about you?

Thanks for reading and Blessings,

Dr. Jim

*Ancient writing reference is from The Scriptures ( Holy Bible).