Integrity vs Having None

Greetings! Well, here we are into early March 2022. I know you are all free from the Covid19 scare, right? Have you done everything your government leaders have said to do? Then you are safe from that Ole Covid19 virus or one of its mutations (sorry, variants) right? How is that N95 mask working for you? You know the one that has to be fitted just for you, to be effective and you can only wear for a certain length of time before taking off – you are following the rules, aren’t you? That means you are OK, right? Covid19, since its inception in the U.S., straight from China just for you, had over a 97% recovery rate. The only exceptions were the older persons in this country who had health issues and if they did, it could hit them very hard, that is a fact, right? Other younger people also had to be more cautious if they had health issues. Right? Now, since March 3, 2020 when I started to get better after having Covid19, and did recover at 70 years of age, the beat goes on… Our government (Federal, State and Local) still have not really given up, right?  Are they giving you a break in the action to cool you and others off who feel that government over reach is  a bit too much? Watch out, they may be getting ready to unload a new virus in addition to SARSCoV2 (Covid19), along with the smothering and extremely overwhelming concept of climate change. You know where the rivers and oceans rise and rise and rise- oh in downtown Minot, or Columbus or Omaha or Pella and you will need a boat to get around? Next, is shutting down all of our coal producing and oil drilling and those dreaded oil pipelines (has already started). Then they will give you an electric station to fill up when your electric vehicle runs out of juice. This process and it is in motion, has costs thousands upon thousands of jobs, for people, who want to work and support their families and lifestyles – which are not of the rich and famous.  Do you really believe that the people who have been joining in these lies have integrity (the quality of being honest – having strong moral principles)? Are you wondering if there may be a plan to replace freedom and integrity with tyranny (the opposite of integrity)? Oh my!

I can only say this is just a small part of what is going on. What about our media, social media along with our big tech companies and big pharma as well as most (not all) doctors and our education system and international companies? What is going on with them?  They are quietly but right in front of us taking down the United States and any freedoms they can all around the world. Why? I believe for their pleasure (power? sex? money? or all three?). You know each one of these global predators, though they breath and go to the bathroom like all the rest of us and will pass away just like all of us do, believe they are better than all of us. That doesn’t set well with me and I hope it doesn’t with you. Those in the World Economic Forum, WHO on and on and so many others – too numerous to mention that Dr. Peter Breggin calls “Global Predators*,” are planning on ruling with iron fists. You know something? That is going to hurt those of us (mostly Americans) who have tasted freedom like no other people on the face of the earth. It will disappoint those who want to escape their country’s tyranny and come to the USA which is their answer and ticket to freedom.

Remember, the very wealthy will not be negatively affected by this takeover, they can buy their way out of it. The poor will do what they always do, suffer and be treated like abandoned dogs. The middle class, which is found primarily in the USA is the only group that can fight this takeover. It sounds like a group we hope will have integrity vs. not, a moral backbone and understanding the importance of freedom. I am a part of that group. You see I am full of gratitude for what I have had as a citizen of this country. Life is not perfect or always easy in a free country. But you are free and that means you can get up and fight one more time for yourself, your family and your neighbors. It means you can re-start your business that just failed. – You are free to be enterprising, and engage to do a project that may be challenging or difficult. Being free means you can tackle it and if you succeed you can prosper.

None of us are 100% right or do right 100% of the time. But with love, gratitude, freedom and integrity one single person can do a lot of good in their time on this earth, for themselves and others. If you think this country cannot or will not succumb to these big time pressures that are on it right now from without and from within, think again.

Though we are all unique and freedom is not always easy to maintain, we can do it if we believe as our founding fathers who gave it all. A moral people built on solid principles such as Judeo-Christian Principles can make an incredible impact in our world. Freedom permits people to work and live together as unique but moral people under rule of law with property rights and other rights that are written in the U.S. Constitution.

Integrity is everything. When our leaders are immoral, when power, sex and money reign in their hearts, those which they lead (us) are in trouble. They betray not only themselves, their families, but their constituents (us) as well. The result of a loss of integrity changes everything and it is not for good. These narcissistic leaders won’t even stand up and resist evil.

I know this is hard to comprehend when you have lived in freedom all of your life. Who would believe that the USA has those inside it who want it to fall? Who can believe it is happening before our eyes and many do not see it. People are calling evil good and good evil. I will be back with more and it won’t always be like what I have just written. But, it will be honest, forthright with a sincere hope for all of us here in the USA, and other countries around the world, to stand up against tyranny.

Blessings with Hope!

Dr. Jim

*  Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin, “Covid19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey”. Lake Edge Press, 2021. Go to: