It Is About Time 1-11-23

Greetings, a short blog message today! Just hoping that you and your family are doing well and planning good plans for 2023 and the rest of your Life.

There are a lot of things that are About Time. It is time to paint a room. Shovel your driveway. Brush your teeth…you get the idea. But the Truth is, it is about time. You and I have only so long on this planet earth. It could be long, really long, short or really short. But it is about time.

What do you think about time? Do you keep daily lists and fit everything into certain times of day to do? Some of us do and some of us don’t and some of us do some of it. Regardless, time goes on. It doesn’t stop! So, what to do?

Use your time wisely and this includes the time you spend eating and giving yourself exercise or the time you spend writing in a journal or the time you spend watching time. The time you spend with your wife or other loved ones if you are married? Or the time you spend with your husband, or your children or the time you spend studying something you want to learn? We have a lot to do and sometimes we don’t get everything done in time to do something else which has a time allotment. Wow, I am tired just thinking about time.

But truly you have only one life on this earth to live, yours! You have only one life which will earn an income for your family or just for yourself.  Truly, you have only one time allotment to help keep Freedom in place so that those you love will enjoy at least in the USA, what you have enjoyed. If things are really out of order during your life as they are now and getting worse and affecting almost everyone and Freedom to live freely, work, enjoy others, eat, drink, read, play is in danger, what about time.

We know that if the economy really crashes, that much of a person’s investments in Wall Street related activities could take a hit and not recover in time for a person to reap the benefits of it if they are too old. They run out of time. It could easily happen today. So much volatility in life with people trying to digitize the US Dollar (no more paper or coin), we are running out of time on this. People are trying to do this right now, it is in process – if we don’t help stop this, it will be too late and no more time to change things.

Maybe you have to do something important in life, but if you don’t do it now…too late no more time. So many in our nation are beginning to see how crazy the world is and say this too will pass…we have time. NO, WE DON”T! Time is running out for, people and policies mostly public are in or being put in place to change your country and your entire Life. YES, THEY ARE?

While about 5% of members of the US Congress fighting a simple battle over the next Speaker of the House – we say crazy politicians – selfish, looking for fame etc. What they know that you don’t if you feel that way is that we are running out of time. I can tell you there are a lot of things like when parents fight for their children to have a safe and decent and moral experience in school and crazy school leaders say girls and boys should be able to share the same restrooms; and the parents say, cool it is Ok or they wouldn’t do that, really? That is going on? Yes, we, you, and me are running out of time to correct and reform.

In closing today, when you see the craziness of the media ignoring truth and real, dangerous occurrences and say Oh, we have time…you are wrong and you are running out of time for you, your spouse, your children and your community and your country. IT IS ABOUT TIME!

You only have so long on this earth. If bad things happen it may take years to see things corrected or made right. Years = time. You and I had better see where we are in Life and be determined to help make things right before it is too late. It Is About Time!

Let me know what you are doing to make things right that are wrong. Remember, It Is About Time!!!


Dr. Jim