July 4 and Beyond!

Greetings to each of you! This is hoping you are enjoying this beautiful summer. Maybe you are going to take a vacation, go visit family, have a reunion with family or just go to the beach or that special get away. Just remember, even with all of the attacks on our Freedoms and there are many occurring and more to come, Hope, not fear needs to be your mantra.

So many people are telling us what is going to happen this summer, during the primary elections, with food shortages, drought and so many things that could wreak havoc in our lives. Well, a lot of it could happen. Back after President Trump was elected, I was amazed at the doomsayers. Not only were they doomsayers, but they were actively engaged in hurting you and me and the President and our entire federal government. With Covid 19 the states and many of our local, county governments joined in and ignored our constitutional rights and freedoms…they just did. Well, we have learned a lot these last 2.5 years about conspiracy theories that are now known to be conspiracies. Many of us knew it then, but we had no help from the media and social media and our other institutions. Oh my, we were being lied to and knew it, but it was just hard to believe it all. Would people really try to impeach the same President twice? Go non-stop after him and those who might support him? Or would they want to see our cities crushed and do nothing about it? On and on. But the truth is that yes, there are a lot of “Americans” that hate the America we live in and have other plans for it that do not include Freedom.

Whether President Trump was your favorite personality or not, were you able to see through some of it and ask questions after critically thinking about things? Did you ask if all this made sense – where was the common sense? Did you have any? Or did you get caught up like millions that believed people they trusted were truthful only to find out they can’t be trusted?

Beyond this July 4th/ Independence Day Celebration, our lives go on. In the last 246 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed, evil has tried to take this country down. Many people on this planet don’t like to see people like you and me Free. They want us to lay aside our faith in the God of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian Principles that are engrained in the founding documents of our country and literally in the fabric of many of its people. People like the CCCP the Chinese communist government want control and their helpers, the globalists around the world (including American companies and others such as Bill and Melinda Gates and too many to mention, the WHO, many in the American government and our educational, medical and health industries and of course the technology companies and organizations) really have had a good run at destroying a truly wonderful place to live. They promise deathly climate change reactions, taking away constitutional rights and making sure that government not religion and specifically Judeo – Christian adherents don’t talk about their God. Why? Because they know that a big part of Freedom is serving someone beyond yourself, that cannot be controlled by them.

I am a consultant. I work with businesses, Christian ministries and families to help them fulfill their dreams, visions or launch a program or product. But without Freedom – none of this works. Check out the website drjimjohnson.com for more info.

Beyond the 4th of July for 246 years this country has had to fight for Freedom with no guarantee that we would survive. There was a consciousness of God. There was confidence in others who were good moral people who had common sense and for the most part did good or right things and Life, and Freedom went on…people in the USA have lived Freer with Hope and Promise and abundance not lack like no other nation on the face of the earth.

Today, the federal government and even state governments have become like the England that Thomas Jefferson and the other colonists resisted, went to war with and won. I hope it never comes to another civil war or where we have Marxist/authoritarian leaders and their armies land in our country to defeat us. You think that couldn’t happen? It sure can! But with God’s help and our determination to maintain and take back freedoms based on Truth (found in the Bible) and our Constitution; we may endure. To endure for our children and grandchildren and their children and their children’s children, is a great goal. You see where there is Freedom there is Blessing.

So, let’s get back to putting the living God who has been a part of this nation and its people for hundreds of years, even before 1776 in first place in our lives. Let’s take time to know He is our creator, redeemer and the One who will live with and in us if we just give in to Him. Others have before us, but right now this is our only real Hope. So, think through this some. Know that evil is not good and good is not evil. Men and are men and women are women. There is right and wrong, good and evil. There is a God who loves us and has been patient with us though our government and many citizens have approved of the killing of over 60,000,000 babies that we know of…why is it that we have forgotten Him and His Love for us? Because something has told us Freedom equals having all we can get and that will satisfy us. Truth, when we serve the One who created and redeemed us, we have lives that are Blessed.

Do you wonder why a person like the gunman in Highland Park and others simply kill people. It is because they have no respect for Life and the One who created all Life. Life is more than money, cars, sports, education, careers, technology, science and on and on. Life is about serving a loving God, who can teach us how to live and do so freely.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer. Please ask the One who made you – we call Him Jesus, for help for you and your family, our country and the world, believe He will meet your needs, I think He will. Be patient and believe as you ask. Also reaffirm your faith in Him and be led by Him instead of the power brokers of this world… you see they are no better than us, they just think they are. Joy and Blessing and yes, even common sense is just a breath away. If you haven’t served or have decided other gods are more worthy than Him, get to Him, I think He is waiting for you and me and all of us. We can and will continue to see a Free nation with better living and more confidence in the future, if we just go to Him. Wouldn’t that be nice?

All of the Hope, Faith, Wisdom we need is found in The Bible. Give it a read as you consider this July 4 and Beyond. If you would like to share some thoughts with me or disagree, just send me a note on the website.

I’ll be back!

Dr. Jim