light or Light – 12/20/22

Greetings, again! 🙂 Today is a rather cold and wintry day here in the upper Midwest. Snow is on the ground, and I believe we are expecting some more snow with a band of accompanying winds that could make it feel and look a lot more like winter which begins tomorrow December 21.

I wrote about Joy recently which I said was more than happiness – it is deeper than happiness and gives us more than a passing feeling of good. It is a deep, not sad, but anticipatory assurance of gladness and magnificence as it comes from the Eternal God whom we know as Jesus. I am someone who is a consultant to Christian ministries, businesses and families. I desire to help people fulfill their dreams and visions for good! I can say that I will take Joy over happiness, though happiness is good, very good, great, just not as deep and ongoingly assuring as Joy.

With that said, let’s talk about light and what light does for us. There are different sources of light, right?  A light bulb! The Sun, a fire, a reflection and I am sure you can think of others. I think my attraction to history gives me some strong feelings about light and what it means to us. When the days become cloudy, we often feel different than on sunny days. In history many societies knew not much more than darkness in their culture and government. Historically, if you are living in the USA and are a citizen or someone who is here legally (meaning not breaking our immigration laws to be here and therefore not continually running in fear) you are a part of something that in history was and is extremely rare. People always try to dismantle the good and take away Joy and even happiness that may be episodic. They just don’t like seeing a people who are free to choose what they want and go where they want…you get the idea.

I am in business for myself, and my website alludes to my business activities and what I can do to serve others. But I have for the last couple of years almost set aside (though not completely) the pursuing of my business/acquiring new customers etc. to help others pursue and keep Freedom! Without Freedom we don’t have light. In most countries you have an elite class and the poor. Here in the USA we have had a huge middle class that has prospered and given us abundance no one else in the world has known. But what has been at the core of success for millions of people who have been a part of this great American Experiment? I believe it has been because good moral though not perfect people desired and fought for Freedom from tyrannical leaders. They wanted light. I also believe that maintaining a Republic based on a constitution that has put the people not kings, queens and or tyrants in charge has been a bright light. Of course, Judeo/Christian Principles have played a huge role in the ongoing Freedom of the USA…meaning we have believed in a Creator God who loves us and has redeemed us. He has done this to give us a better life on this earth and for a life that is eternal and better than the one we live here. This has been and is an ongoing Light to follow.

Let me close with this. I enjoy ancient writings and my favorite though not the only I may read is the Holy Bible. The former King of Israel, David reigned from about 1010 -970 BC. He loved music and was a shepherd. My guess is that the sheep he herded and oversaw heard many times the melodious tones of their great shepherd before he became the shepherd of an entire nation. He was brave and loved God though he was not perfect, he made mistakes that cost both he and his family much heartache. But his heart was always seeking ultimately to do what was right in the sight of His God, you could say he sought the Eternal Light. A great lesson for us. Pursue the unchangeable truths of God at all times. If we make a mistake, turn away from the wrong (the darkness) and run to God (the Light) who created and continually loves us unconditionally…today we know Him as Jesus. David wrote in Psalm 119: 129 -130, about God and His Word, I quote from the New Living Translation: ” vs.129-Your laws are wonderful. No wonder I obey them. vs.130-The teaching of your Word gives light so even the simple can understand.”

The world is crazy (it has been crazy for a long time), but today we seem to have a front row seat to see it in our nation and the world like we have not previously. Just remember the Word of God found in the Bible does not change because it belongs to and is God Himself.  It is wonderful and helps us in every area of our life, but maybe most importantly it gives Light telling us where we are and where we are going, if we will pay attention.

Enjoy the JOY of this Magnificent Season!


Dr. jim