Moorings? What keeps you connected to your foundation

Hello again! This is hoping you are doing well!! As we spoke about a foundation being something you build a house or structure upon and you were asked: what is the foundation on which I have built my life and that of my family and or business?  On one of my next blogs I will discuss that question more fully. But, right now I would like to ask you to consider what you use to keep yourself and your or your endeavors in this world connected to your foundation.

A mooring is a rope or line that connects is best known to connect a boat or aircraft to a pier or to a tie down of some type. If you look at your life as a boat launched on the sea of life or as an aircraft set to to escape as President Ronald Reagan said “the surly bonds of earth…” then the term mooring is good, so I will use that for our time together.

Ask yourself this, what ties me to the foundation which I have built my life and or family and or business or career on? I have lived a few years on this earth. I must say that even though I did not early on live on the foundation I knew was right for me ( my moorings were damaged or severed) I stayed fairly close (not close enough) to the foundation I had been taught was best for my life. I will get into more detail on that later in another blog.

But the foundation for my life and yours and your business, family or other organization you may help lead may only be something we talk about. Much of what I do is ask questions to get to the best answers. So, you now have two questions from me.

Just know these topics of a foundation and moorings I consider very important. I look around and see how people are acting and reacting to challenges before them in this country and around the world. I ponder and ask why is it so crazy and what are the foundations of  the masses? Let’s continue this next week.

Thanks and Blessings,

Dr. Jim