Now or Never!

Greetings and just know, if you think things are weird in this world, you are right, they are!!!

What a greeting, right? Not too much to say right now except in 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. It was all about Freedom from an all-consuming government, headed by a King. It was a mess. The government was controlling everything, and they didn’t have google or twitter or Facebook to help cancel Freedom. They just had rotten tyrannical people at the top of government calling the shots against an entire population.

No Freedom of religion, speech, rule of law and property rights. Those were just terms to read on a piece of paper. Intrusions into family life were an everyday occurrence.  We are getting to see more and more of this Big Government control each day if we open our eyes and ears. Poverty was overwhelming and if you didn’t abide by what the government said, you were tracked down and punished as only a tyrannical government can.

You may think all that is going on here and around the world are just events and we will see some normalcy in a few months or wait until the next election – all will be better. Not so fast. Have you read the Declaration of Independence? Get a copy and read it! Wow, Freedom was everything and those in England and here in the Colonies were suffering under just the opposite. So, I am not and would never want to see a revolution like the American Revolution again. But it is time to stand up against those who are stealing your country from you, say something, do something, tell the truth about Freedom! It was a plandemic, it was the mishandling of that plandemic that killed so many people. Proper treatment and a totally different approach to an epidemic or plandemic was needed but we got the worst care possible, because of selfish, power, sex, money hungry people like Gates, Fauci, Biden, many governors and other elected and non-elected officials who decided it was a great time to take advantage of good people, that trusted the institutions of health-care, government-public health – technology – education and on and on, when they were in fact the arch enemies of the common people. Thomas Jefferson would have had some complaints and bold statements to make concerning all of the evil that hurt millions of people in so many ways.

It is Now or Never! Get away from the mainstream media, social media that falls in line with the same old line about Covid19, Climate Change, and the other propaganda about how bad the USA is and on and on. Your life and that of your family and your fellow Americans of all colors and national origins are in danger of being trampled on forever.

In 1912 Russia was taken over by communists and the leader was Stalin. He starved millions (today we would say he controlled the supply chain). Today Russia is still communist – over 100 years of tyranny there and that does not include what has occurred in China, Cuba, Venezuela and is going on in those places right now and will only get worse. When you have people like the those in The World Economic Forum and others in the WHO and even those who are at the top of the USA Government who want to disparage and minimize life, and take control and lie to you, it is Now or Never. Do something!

This past weekend (Memorial Day) a small group of 6 families bought 70 U.S. flags to give away to people who wanted to hang them up on their houses. We passed out 80 Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitutions to people who wanted them. They were discouraged and needed to be encouraged and we helped with that a little – it is Now or Never. What will you do where you are? What will you say for the sake of Freedom? Will you speak out for the Faith of our Fathers, who used the Bible as their guide? Will you speak out in Faith using your Bible and put the God of all Eternity, who we know as Jesus, number one in your life? You know if you really follow history in this country, you will find Christians started this country. Does the name Winthrop ring a bell?

Oh yes! Bible reading and understanding we were created by a loving God that wants to Bless and prosper His people is right thinking. The funny part is we don’t have to be perfect, just committed to Him. Seek Him first and He will Bless. The problem now, is, that so many people in the U.S.A. don’t pay any attention to Him. They Took His Book out of public schools. Took open prayer to Him out of most everywhere it used to be. Took His guidelines for Life, the 10 Commandments out of everywhere they could, and we let them do it! Told us in 1973 that women and their partner who conceived a child could kill that baby at any time. They told us in 2015 that marriage was/is not only between a man and woman. Some people are marrying their pet cats and dogs and other. And they continually tell us we can’t have guns to protect ourselves from evil. Ask the people of Australia and other countries where tyrants have taken over, how that is working out for them? Take Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities here in U.S. where there are gun free zones, people are being killed at an alarming rate.  Schools are gun free zones, what goes on there? Gun, Cars, knives don’t kill! People kill! It is the heart of a person that determines a peaceful or a tumultuous and dangerous environment. It is Now or Never! Will we respond?

Our Constitution is under attack – it has lasted since 1787 and is being attacked so profoundly at this time, that your Freedom and mine are dangerously close to being lost. America was not begun to see how much we could have, buy, enjoy, collect etc. It was founded for the purpose of providing Freedom from tyranny, knowing that if we kept God first, worked hard with using the gifts He gave us that we would prosper and so would our children and grandchildren and on and on. But today all of that is in danger of being lost.

It is Now or Never! Stand up! Say something for Freedom: of speech, religion and on and on. and keep the God of the Bible in front of you all the time. If you don’t, if we don’t, what will occur will change our way of life so dramatically that we won’t recognize the new life, except to say, we have lost our Freedom.

Benjamin Franklin who was one of our founders whether deist leaning or Christian leaning – all of this is argued, but Franklin called for Divine Intervention at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The Constitutional Convention was to work through and establish groundwork for a constitution. At the convention, Franklin said this: ” Only a virtuous (my emphasis: having virtue, being morally excellent) people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Blessings with Hope,

Dr. Jim