Pickin Apples

Greetings, here we are in the beautiful Autumn Season or some call it Fall – first comes the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees and then the leaves fall to the ground. Same thing occurs every year. Something that occurs every year that I enjoy is going out to an orchard and Pickin Apples.

Each Autumn I love – yes love eating freshly picked apples. Often someone picks them, sometimes we do, but at times family members or friends go to an orchard and pick apples and then share them with us. Either way the apples are incredible – a great variety of them exists. I like all of the varieties unless there is one that is just simply sour, otherwise I love them all!

My wife and I went out a couple of weeks ago to pick apples. Usually when you go to an orchard these days it is an experience even beyond the actual picking of apples. There are games for the kids, donuts, cider or coffee, fresh made apple pie and other creative food dishes. The orchard owners monetize lots of things because it serves people well and increases their income and most likely their profits. Profit is not a dirty word.

I enjoy working with businesses and helping them to find buy in for a specific project. Just go to my website and read about what we do to help businesses, faith based, Christ -centered non- profits and even families.  This will help you understand why I am right now a bit concerned about: freedom, inflation, our supply-chain, employment and more.

You see, I believe in free-enterprise – people are created to be creative and do incredible things as they create products or come up with ideas to help build economies and of course take care of their families and help those in need. From our first home in our mom’s womb we are destined to be great. Now, what happens when government steps in to become the elephant in the economic room and “help” its citizens. Just a note ” governments get involved in peoples lives to control them.” It is all about power, money, sex and not always in that order, but you get the point. Good government is when its citizens are in charge not politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

Back to Pickin Apples! Because of the overspending of our federal, state and many, many of our local governments the good ole USA is in debt beyond being in debt and when they spend money they don’t have it is stealing!  Yep, if you go to the orchard and steal apples you pick and then go out and give them away to people who were going to go to the orchard to pick apples, you stole from the orchard twice. Once when you took the apples and didn’t pay and second when you gave the apples to people and then they didn’t need to go to the orchard for apples. Stealing is against the rules, right?  I used to get a spanking from my parents if I stole something. Stealing is: taking something that doesn’t belong to you and or spending money you don’t have and then owing that money and you don’t pay it back. Sound familiar? Look at our national and many of our state governments – you will get the point I am making, quickly.

I really enjoyed Pickin Apples – there were a lot of people there working, making some money and simply enjoying themselves in a great environment. They were outside helping people park their cars, preparing pies, coffee, making donuts and cider and so much more. The people Pickin Apples may have driven an hour or more to get to the orchard just to take a small wagon, with some plastic bags and just go pick apples…what fun and the apples are full of nutrition and the entire environment was good for everyone’s physical and mental health. The orchard made money by providing a good product and people simply had fun and did something healthy – that is good for them and their family and the overall economy.

I would argue that for the last one hundred plus years it has gotten tougher for small business to make it and really enjoy their work. People have been stealing from them. Who? Politicians? Unelected bureaucrats? Yes, those who are a part of Big Government. That through its monetary and otherwise immoral actions strips a free people of free- enterprise,  property rights and rule of law which all are characteristic of a free society. Big Government turns it gradually into a place where Pickin Apples is almost impossible; because the orchard is no longer free from excessive government rules and regulations and the government is so controlling people can’t even afford to drive to the orchard.

In 1776 The Declaration of Independence spoke of the excesses of a Big Government from which some freedom minded people wanted to escape. Though a different time in history, that kind of anti-freedom Big Government is still at work today, right here in the USA and other places all over the world. Look around you. Do you see what is happening?

Pickin Apples was great this year. When we went picking apples I wore a sweatshirt that said: “Make Americans Free Again.” It had an American Flag on it and then it said; “The new normal, citizens in charge.” makeamericansfreeagain.com. Several people commented on that message on my shirt, many looked at it, smiled at me, gave a positive nod, they liked it, I could tell they meant it.

You see, even in the middle of a great day of Pickin Apples – my wife and I and obviously many others were thinking about freedom not only to pick apples and buy them, but we had a sense we are losing our freedoms. The message of Hope like the message on my shirt, just made the day of Pickin Apples a bit more special. It was a great day!!!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jim