Really? Do you think so? Now?

Greetings, I am hoping you are enjoying your summer? We just returned from a 4,000-mile trip to the western United States with a nice stay in Wyoming. We enjoyed the stay and the people of Wyoming. So many who love the United States of America and never kneel but stand in the presence of our flag. Many are believers in Jesus Christ and are not shy about their commitment to the God of the Bible, even in public.

O’ by the way, just a reminder, summer means warmer temperatures, sometimes hot – yikes, not global warming or manmade climate change. Summer! I probably shouldn’t have opened this blog with attitude. But recently I found that some of these people who have been elected, appointed and self-appointed as leaders of our country are having trouble with the question; “what is a woman?” Others are having trouble understanding that there are only two genders – yep, created that way. Others are having trouble figuring out if they should be pro-freedom or pro-marxist, even though they know because of their involvement in nefarious activity, for the sake of power, sex and money they are where they don’t want to be. BUT, they are there and for some they are having to stay longer in that place than they planned. For some, because of the nefarious (wicked, evil, iniquitous, sinful, vile, foul, outrageous, atrocious, abominable, reprehensible, detestable, diabolical) activity they are involved in, because of their desire for power, sex, money, they are now being blackmailed, “ouch” that will leave a mark. The only way out is Truth. Truth is not a temporal, irrational, or irrelevant term, but one that reveals what is right and good.

Now we revert to common sense and wisdom. Oh, my not that! A bit of sarcasm, but we are in a mess and will not get out by merely complaining or waiting for the next election. Hopefully we will be in business and be moral and fair and honest and be good parents and on and on, but if we do not recognize who is in charge (God of the Bible) and it is not us, everything we own and or think we own or are accustomed to which we think is or may be good, will collapse and this is what we are seeing. Mickey Mouse and Ronald Mcdonald are not so family friendly anymore, are they? Seems they have sold out to a group of globalists and in the process become one of them. Oh my, what to do? Get back to the God of the Bible and learn about our Declaration of Independence and Constitution – then tell others about it.

I know I am being tough as I write this blog. I also know that my and your Love for God (God of the Bible), family, friends etc. and country (USA) will play a large part in whether the United States of America will survive this attack from evil players in the world that have made us their prey. By the way, some of the evil players have integrated themselves into your school board, county commission, in your state legislature, and in your governor’s mansion. Of course, you are seeing the charade (the absurd pretense) that is going on… as the mainstream media and your President, Congress and even your Supreme Court along with the justice department, state department NIH, FDA, CDC, USDA, DOD play a dangerous game. There are others in government and the high-tech industry and Big Pharma selfishly trying to destroy Freedom for hundreds of millions of people, just for power, sex and money. Oh my, are you awake to this? I hope so, I really do. Your family: husband, wife, children, grandchildren, your neighbor’s family and the million or more that legally come to the U.S. each year to escape tyranny are all counting on you and me to stand for: Faith (in the God of the Bible), Family and Country.

You see, Freedom has never been, nor will it ever be Free. Recently I saw that a childhood friend of mine had passed away – he had received The Purple Heart and 3 Bronze Stars for Bravery in service to this country. President Kennedy, a Democrat who today would look like a political conservative was the only President to receive The Purple Heart. In his inaugural address he said the following:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of liberty. This we pledge – and more…And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country.

President Kennedy had serious faults and was no angel – but was elected our President. It was a bitter campaign between him and Richard Nixon. I remember where I was when he was assassinated, in 1963, the year my dad died. The 60’s were tough and revolutionary times and the 70’s followed with spiraling inflation, unemployment, and interest rates. But in the midst of it all, there was still a remnant of those who loved God and those who still had a passion to see America Free! President Kennedy knew it and challenged the citizens of this great country to step up and reach higher for themselves and for their country.

Where are all the patriots today? I know you are out there and even nearby to me; I know some of you, and I am one! But please know, that if you and I don’t talk to others and share the great story of America and encourage others to pay attention, pray to the Living God of the Bible and get out and support and vote for candidates that Love God, Love Family and Country, all the Freedom that has been fought so valiantly for in our history will be lost. Lost to wealthy – elitist who think they are better than us just because they have more money and notoriety. NO MORE! Let’s Bring Back the USA to Greatness which begins right in your house with your family and the God of the Bible. Let’s get er done NOW in 2022.

Standing with you for Freedom,

Dr. Jim