Soil of Fear

Hello! Well as I sit here in my office, I am looking at a beautiful snowfall, supposedly 4-8 inches…I hope for more. I want to share a few things with you today and I hope they impact your life positively.

Soil is where plants (life) grow, a black or dark brown material, could even be light colored depending on it’s make up organically and its mineral content. Other words that I have seen that mean soil to me: clay, dirt, ground, sod, loam, muck, sand, land. This is all that I could think of, but you get the idea.
I want to challenge you to take a metaphorical trip with me. I am taking the word soil and using in the setting of life. Life, that is what we live right? Life is from my perspective God’s breath or utterance as Creator into our world…our lives begin at conception though very valuable, initially, barely seen. Life develops and soon we have a baby in this world, and the heartbeat goes on. That baby then has a life to live. You may or may not agree with my description. If that is the case, then let us respectfully agree to disagree, for the time we are together as you read this blog.
There are many things that effect our lives. Some are loving, kind, helpful and others like out-of-control stress that causes; anxiety, fear, doubt and depression are not helpful. I call these last negative things “The Toxic Crew “* For the majority of the population of this world and regardless of your skillset and what you put your hands to do in business, ministry, in your family, or in your career in general, fear seems to have become a major factor. Fear has been magnified in the last two years with Covid19.
I believe that our life which we live is soil then arguably the soil of life has been impacted by all of the fear and doubt propagated by government, medicine, healthcare, technology, media and on and on. Everywhere the soil of life has become more toxic than not. For some of us, for the most part we have had confidence that evil things are in the soil and at work, but we know that we have a truly better option than what we see and hear in this world. We could say our soil option is heavenly or holy or more definitively Divine.
Regardless, if the soil of your life has been contaminated with fear or lack of hope, you are probably acting it out by doing things you thought you would never do. Masking yourself while out for a walk in the sunshine. Masking your children to go to school. Not thinking for yourself but being more sheeple than people. Being willing to shut down your business or having your employer shut down and leave you at home sheltering against a virus. Or, believing the exact opposite than our forefathers by accepting statements from an out-of-control government; federal, state or local that spends money it does not have and forces policies on people that are contrary to The U.S. Constitution; and does and says things that 70 years ago would have been resisted, but are now accepted by way too many in our country. Oh my!
There is now a Soil of Fear, and our lives seem to be in it. The negative/fearful aspects of that soil are being believed and accepted as good nutrients, when the hoped-for nutrition is being sprayed with poison so some people can have power, sex and money to live their lives at their discretion; even though the fear they have propagated is crushing millions of lives.
I want to encourage you to step out of that Soil of Fear. Begin to walk in the healthy soil which receives the light of freedom, faith and hope. You did not come into existence via a primordial soup. You were created. You are divinely gifted to live on this earth with hope, faith and light. Follow the lead of millions and millions of people who have gone before you and do believe the same is true today. Rise up and enjoy yourself. Step out of the soil of fear and walk in a newness of life…which is much different than the one the global predators are trying to get you to accept.
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Thanks, and Blessings,

Dr. Jim


Here are: links for you and hopefully they will prompt you to ask some questions, get some quality answers for you and those you love and are concerned about. (Anthony Fauci Georgetown U. 2017)

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*The Toxic Crew, named such in my book: “Pickin Up the Pieces of Your Life: It is never too early – It is never too late” WestBow Press, Copyright 2014.