Some Relevant Thoughts 12/14/2022

Greetings, the next 12 days are going to be interesting if you are reading my Blog. You may or may not know that I am an author. When writing my book and actually when I wrote my doctoral thesis there were times when I was simply stymied. Times when I was out of inspiration and in a writer’s slump. Since very late in October of 2022 I have been in a writers’ slump. I have had to work through thoughts about what is going on in the world, what next steps should I take? Should I write more, talk more (podcast) and more importantly, what should I say. Words are powerful. Words are containers full of kinetic and potential energy and poison. The single most important thing about words is, are they full of truth/Truth?

I have a proclivity toward history and writings which cover several thousand years. I have covered many subjects in my academic studies and in my everyday reading and in research for work and or work-related projects. But nothing seems to grab my attention like American and some world history and the application of my faith as a Christian to what I read. So, when I look at business (as a consultant) or at technology, medicine, education, journalism, religion, militarism, the law, government and other, I always look at them through the eyes of my faith as a Christian. I do not separate my approach to business from my faith in Jesus Christ. You get the picture.

Over the last 3 years I have watched as the population of the country I live in for the very most part has been duped into believing lots of things that we know today are false, of which the origin and spread of SARS -CoV-2 is only one. Words have become a horrible group of poisonous and yes powerful containers that have mislead hundreds of millions of people in the USA and around the globe. Are we better for what has occurred? I think only if we have been able to shine the light of Truth on all of this mess and turn it around, at least as much as we can in the broken world in which we live. Things that are right have been called and otherwise portrayed as wrong. Wrong has been called and otherwise portrayed as right. Though all of it is a perversion of how we should be living our lives, still, we are living in the middle of it. What to do?

I have lived 7 decades on this planet. I have learned and seen a lot. Here is what I know. There are only two genders: male and female. Seasons change from one to another each year without a big deal being made. The physical body each of us live in will die, no exceptions. I have met and talked to numerous people who have lived under tyranny and are now living in the USA, they have liked it here because of Freedom. Freedom is everything! Whether in your faith in God or living out your life on this planet, Freedom is everything. Not just for me and my family but for you and yours. Danger is lurking and has in some cases invaded our bastion of Freedom. It is making its mark of tyranny on the American landscape. What to do?

It is simple but hard work to resist evil and do good when the opposition to Freedom is kicked into high gear. This too shall pass. But what will be left behind. I went to and found some of the words of the wills that our founders left behind – by the way most of the founders were Christians. Below are some final words of our founders as they moved from this life to the next in faith.

Samuel Adams – Father of the American Revolution and Signer of the Declaration of Independence – “I… recommend my soul to that Almighty Being who gave it and my body I commit to the dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins.” Will of Samuel Adams.

Charles Carroll – Signer of the Declaration of Independence – ” On the mercy of my redeemer I rely for salvation and on His merits; not on the works I have done in obedience to His precepts.”  From an autographed letter written to Charles H. Wharton Esq. on September 27, 1825, from Doughoragen, Maryland.

Patrick Henry – Governor of Virginia, Patriot – “This is all the inheritance I can give to my dear family. Religion of Christ can give them one which will make them rich indeed.”  Will of Patrick Henry.

Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer – Signer of the Constitution – “In the name of God, Amen. I Daniel of Saint Thomas Jenifer…of dispossing mind and memory, commend my soul to my blessed Redeemer.”  Will of Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney – Signer of the Constitution – ” To the eternal, immaculate, and only true God be all honor and glory, now and forever, Amen.” Will of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.

I do not believe that these men who gave of themselves, their treasure and their families to establish this country of Freedom and Hope would agree with the perversion we find being spewed in our schools, on our airwaves, and yes in our books and in our libraries. You and I know this is true, we all are passing this way just once. Will we stand up and resist the perversion and evil of the age and say we preserved Freedom, Hope and yes Safety for our boys and girls and men and women who are here now and who will follow in generations to come? Or will we fall away from the unchangeable truths: Faith in God, Love for our Families and Preservation of Freedom which was given to us on a cross some 2000 years ago and was in turn given to us in the form of a Constitution as Americans some 235 years ago? Let us not forget what our responsibilities are as we pass this way only once. Let’s do what is right whether in our families or business or just in life in general – this is our opportunity. Do not let it pass without giving your all to keep Freedom alive in this great country for all who want it. It is fragile. Only moral people will be able to keep our Constitutional Republic alive…let’s get it done!

Blessings with Hope!

Dr. Jim

P.S. Thanks again to David and Tim Barton of Wallbuilders at for the great information on our founders. There is much to learn from the Bartons and Wallbuilders.