Stand Up and Speak Out Part II following Memorial Day 2023

Greetings, we have now formally honored those who served in the U.S. Military and those who gave it all for Freedom. I am thankful year round for those who were able to set aside fear and march forward so that we could and can enjoy Freedom!!!

I was very straight forward in my last blog. The evil and the coercion concerning America and the move to dismantle this Free country is amazingly structured and systemically bold and effective to date. You will note I do not use a lot of references when I write. If you look online and or on other media sites you can see it. I will give you a couple of sites at the end of this blog.

Evil that hurts our children and envisions parents being separated from them is in our faces. Do you see it? Do you see that we are going all electric – getting rid of that rotten oil and it’s bad, bad effects on us. Where do you get fossil fuels? Where do you get Lithium for all of the batteries that will be everywhere, all over our houses and workshops and in our garages’?  Where do you get lithium? (ground and water). Where do you get oil, coal, natural gas? (ground). You see those elitists at the World Economic Forum (includes: many state and federal and local politicians, top U.S. Executives and Christian leaders and other religious leaders) who will work at helping provide us with that one really cool world religion? Well of course. I have someone I know who owns land and is using that land with forest on it to create and sell carbon credits. I know this can be lucrative. You see there will always be those elitists who have the financial resources to bypass their rules for everyone else. Yep, these people I know who do this are just jumping into the proverbial bed with the climate change fakes to make $$. You see it is always: Power, Sex or Money (all three or any combination thereof). The Truth is that all of this is about the human spirit/heart, what kind of heart do you have?

I want to share with you a couple of thoughts and a story. I am as you know unabashedly a Christian. If you are not, that is Ok. I have no trouble if you come from other religious backgrounds. Living in the USA I have found that we can do OK together living and doing those things which we may call moral or right – you understand, correct? But, in this country, going back to our founding and forward into the separation from England and declaring Freedom and all that has led to a constitution that is pushing 250 years old. But you need to know that our founding was deeply impacted by Judeo-Christian Principles emanating from The Bible.

About Freedom. I know two people who came from Poland in the 80’s. Times were really tough. They both did well financially and did not want to leave their home in Poland. With their wealth they were able to stave off the communists for a number of years. They were a part of the elite class. You see communists love money – they just don’t love Free – Enterprise unless the profits are directed to them in large part. So, this couple and their young son decided to go to the U.S. Long story short – as they struggled with the evil of communism and its hurtful actions on their friends and family, they began a two-year effort to get to Canada and then the U.S. They were successful. Their efforts were laced with secrecy and lying and knifing to escape. As long as they could make the commies happy with money and other patronage all was OK. They were simply good people and Freedom’s bell rang loud inviting them to a new life. Lesson: what you see before you in USA is the same as what our friends saw in Poland. Evil includes open deprivation of food, jobs, privacy just for starters. Stand Up and Speak Out for Freedom.

Talk to people and tell them what is going on…Tell your pastor to speak up from the Pulpit for Freedom and role that The Bible has played in our Freedom…there has been nothing like it in the word before. Stand Up and Speak Out at your school board meetings. Ask questions of those representing you in government and schools- take what they say and then verify it. I trust that our God (JESUS) is working on our behalf – because of II Chronicles 7:14. We humble ourselves and turn from evil and He takes over on our behalf. Trust Him and speak out for Him and His Love and Goodness. His track record is good when people truly follow Him and don’t get too far off track. Materialism, sports, careers, education, pride, ignoring His Teachings, disregarding Him as Creator and on and on in every area of our lives is bad news, if we want to walk in His Blessing and Favor.

Get copies of the U.S. Constitution hand it out. More importantly, read it and grasp what it says. Our legislators and other public officials rarely abide by it. It was and still is a remarkable document and works hand in glove with The Bible’s teachings. Again, this is not about everyone being a Christian. It is about certain principles for good living, and we can find those in The Bible and they help give us good government as well. Proverbs 28:2 “Because of the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof; but by righteous men who know justice the stability thereof shall be prolonged.” KJV.

We can be better. I encourage you to work hard. Find your gifts (same for your children which may or may not include college) take them and apply them for your family or your future family. Serve others and know there is One God who loves justice and right doing. Spend more time with your family and close friends and forget about all the distractions of this world which lead to nothing; sports, except for youth sports or other that you may participate in… professional and college sports have become so warped and all about money. Sports are games and should be treated like it. Have fun and enjoy the Life you have been given and in this country which has been like no other. Our God of the Bible has a wonderful plan for you. He is your Creator. There is a plan! Find it and live it! Stand Up and Speak Out for Life and Freedom and your life on this earth. Technology and medicine as we see it today are not the answers to good living. Your good health is in your hands and God’s. Come on, we know better than to ignore common sense and moral living.

Together, we can help assure good lives for ourselves, family and others – but your voice and presence is needed! 

In closing I want to share a final thought on where we are as a nation and in the context of biblical history and of course natural history.

  • I believe we have been given a front row seat over the last 4 years to see how a one world government with its religion and economy can develop and take total power over mankind.  The question, is this where we are in biblical history and is the next step, the big step that called the rapture or great catching away? I say keep your eyes looking upward I Thes. 4. “Comfort one another with these words.”
  • We may not be at the end so to speak but we could lose our Freedom to the likes of China and the other globalists who desire total control especially of the USA. We could lose our Freedom and be thrown into a communist environment like Russia was in 1920 and was not freed until 1990. Or like China in 1949 or Cuba in 1959 or Venezuela 1999. These countries are a mess now and that does not mean there are not wonderful people there. It means that tyranny can get hold and Freedom lost – in the span of a few short months or years and we are in the battle of a lifetime. It could happen to the USA. Freedom lost for several lifetimes. Let’s Stand Up and Speak Out!
  • We can defeat this aggression on our culture and families and economy and government and continue in Freedom. If the time for the Lord to return is not upon us, then this is the best option, right? If we do, I think that those who really understand what has occurred – will cling to Freedom more tightly at least for a while. Evil always wants to take away Freedom. It will lie about the family, climate, economy, science, medicine, education, media, whatever it takes to control. We can win and have a good place to live again. It can be better with Jesus’ help. Return to the basics that government does not give Freedom, but God does. Mankind is to manage it in such a way that evil and perversion though always with us, cannot get a hold. But it will take effort, for we are in the fight of our lifetime for Freedom. Stand Up and Speak Out and do so in Faith toward God our Saviour and Creator – Jesus!  It will work! Our Founding Fathers knew it!

Be Encouraged!

Dr. Jim

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