Stand Up and Speak Out! Part l Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Greetings! Another beautiful day here in the upper Midwest of the USA! Grass is getting greener, and trees have beautiful leaves on them and the flowers, well the flowers are stupendous. My wife has planted the flowers again this year and Wow!

I address this to everyone! Find a way to make your Voice of Freedom heard. I talk to 4-6 people each week and share a message of hope and Freedom. I talk about the Constitution and its incredible message that limits government and gives us the citizens, Freedom. I share how Judeo-Christian Principles are a huge part of our founding documents. How many of our founders and some who were not very religious at all, still liked and would mention the Holy Bible, Prayer to the Divine and a Constitutional Republic can only make it when moral people vote moral leaders into office?

How many pastors stand up and speak each week about how the God of the Bible Blessed this nation and how the Bible was used as a basis for decision making and then give examples – sadly my local Church is part of the problem. How many schools encourage students to sexual purity before marriage? Oh yes, how many teachers believe and speak to marriage being between one man and one woman? Or, Or, Or, you name it. Maybe they school counselors and teacher and administrators and school boards should just stop the gender affirming (child mutilation messages) which encourage perversion beyond the pale. How about your public/government school? How about your parochial, Christian, private schools? What are they really teaching and implying and on and on? Have you really asked? Stood Up and Spoken Out?

How many parents are willing to question openly the public (government schools) they send their children to and really question the morality of the messages to students vs the teaching of subject matter that benefits the children? How many of us are willing to admit to others, that homosexuality and its related negative behavioral actions (transgender etc.)  should not be a part of the formal education of students – regardless of age or grade? How many parents are willing to stand up for what they know is right for their family though it may inconvenience them, such as homeschooling children and controlling the messaging and making sure they are learning what needs to be learned to live in this world successfully?

I would argue that there are some of us who do stand up, (THANK YOU) but considering 3 hundred million plus people, not many are standing up and and speaking out. Folks, it is going to come down to our churches making a stand and a vocal one  for holiness and righteousness and Freedom in this great country. It is going to take standing up and saying if I don’t stand up for good and declare what is right, one day they are going to come after me. That happened in Germany. Long before Hitler started warring in 1940ish, he had been condemning and harassing, those he did not like. He embarrassed and controlled many before a bomb ever went off and when the warring did start, he really lowered the boom on those he hated, in large part the Jews. The German Church became the German National Church and bowed down to Hitler. Won’t happen here? It is already in full swing. But with the help of Jesus, we can short circuit their plans, learn the lessons needed and correct our lives trajectories. Stand Up and Speak Out!

Tyrannical leaders use propaganda, control the media and their messaging – it is currently happening. We are experiencing this at the local level in our local government’s activities and in news about schools and others who should be called out for their hurtful actions, but it is not happening. Evil leaders love ‘power, sex and money’ as they do their thing to control others – it is happening all over this country. Look at our southern border, what a horrible evil mess. Our northern border with the socialist country of Canada has huge gaps in it. Sex trafficking, oh my, this is pure evil. What you think about this being bad, it is many, many times worse and it is EVIL! Millions have crossed over illegally into our country and at least 100,000 children cannot be accounted for, do you think they are safe and secure or that the power, sex, money aggressors are having their way with them? Are you standing up and speaking out? Is your pastor or your elders or your denomination speaking out? How about your employer? How about where you shop? Are they standing up and speaking out or are they like Target and others who are willing to groom your kids and grandkids for homosexual and transgender and other lifestyles? Who is speaking out?

I am not nor do I want to see rudeness and hurtful actions spearhead opposition to stores and companies and schools and units of government from the local to the federal. But we must Stand Up and say no to evil!!!!! When your children grow up and want to have a child with the person they “love” who is the same sex? How will you have a grandchild? You laugh? Don’t laugh! People are working on controlling every part of your life. Many are illegally coming into our country and now they are killing and molesting those who are the weakest among us. Stand Up and Speak Out.

I am so sorry I have blasted you with this litany of sorrow and evil, I really am. If you see my website, you notice I have a business. I prospect and find customers; serve them, receive an income for my work. Free Enterprise, that is what it is called. But when Freedom which gives us so much to live for is in real danger and ours in the USA is, I must share with you and encourage you to Stand Up and Speak Out!

It is not over! Yes, the evidence has been building over the last 60 years and in the last 15 years it has become obvious that those who propose evil are working overtime; and have had time to go deep into our culture to crush us! It is True! But never forget; we have the God of the Bible, Name: Jesus on our side. Turn to Him and let Him tell you what He wants you to say and do in this confusing and evil time. He will answer, so ask and then listen and then Stand Up and Speak Out!!!

I wrote the following to a friend who is a county commissioner. She and several of the commissioners were going to propose a resolution to make our county a Constitutional County. That meant simply that when it came to actions by county government either on its own or being pushed by state or federal government policies that the county would stand for the principles of The Constitution, whether state or federal – simple right? Not for some. But I wrote this commissioner and here is what I said.

“…I believe in the One True and only Eternal God of the Bible, Name: JESUS! He was, is, and always will be.

The Bible, The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are the three most important documents

in my life, and I am sure in yours as citizens of this great United States of America! Perfection is in Jesus but His Blessing

is on and in our founding documents.

The Bible: two main parts: Old Covenant and New Covenant both cut in blood. Our Declaration and Constitution

also covered with His Blood, and cut by the blood of the lives of those who fought and died for the

Freedom, we have in the USA.

Our Bible and our Founding Documents are not the same, except, they both obviously impact our

lives for good and even greatness when we follow their principles.

         Thank you for choosing good and greatness in Him and in our country which was, is, and will hopefully continue

to be a sanctuary for real lovers of Freedom.”

Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Never forget those who gave a full measure of devotion for Freedom!


Dr. Jim