Start – Stop Make Up Your Mind! Happy New Year!!!!

Greetings, to each of you!  I suppose the title of this blog has you thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and the challenge most have in keeping them. Well, this blog is not about a New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions 🙂

I could unleash a verbal tirade (a long angry speech of criticism and accusation) about what is going on in my township where I live, the county I live in, the state I live in and the country I live in… I could go on a tirade about all of the babies that have been massacred in the USA since 1973 and still are…but I won’t. I could tell you many ugly and scary facts about economics, healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, education from pre-k through post-secondary, media, technology, government, business sports, entertainment and more, But I won’t.  Like the professor of economics from a top-rated business school here in the USA told me… this world is broken, and it is not getting any better. I ask! What can we do?

I am a man, married to one woman. I am a son, I am a brother, I am a daddy, I am Papa to my grandchildren, a father-in-law

to my son’s wife, a Christian and independent businessman/consultant. What do I do in this world? Well, I do a few things. First, I build my life on unchangeable truths:

  • God is God, there is only One. His writings are found in the Holy Bible, and we often call what we believe The Word of God and the lessons therein are Judeo Christian Principles. o change!
  • God created: Man is man (Male) and Woman is woman, (Female), the Eternal God (I call Him Jesus) created them. Nothing can change that! Not enough surgeries or drugs to do it – it is not going to happen!
  • God has created everything! His creation is documented in the Word of God in the book of beginnings, Genesis.

That sure does simplify life. Now look at the changeable.

  • Science is changeable.
  • Medicine is changeable.
  • Technology is changeable.
  • Look around. that which is not created by God is changeable.

So here is where we are right now: I have hope, though I am in this world, my faith and confidence are in One Creator – Jesus, and I have confidence I am in one world and when I pass (leave my human body) I will go to the next world. One God and two worlds – very simple. Many believe in many gods: technology, medicine, education, sports, entertainment and on and on and that all their life is here, and they are to get what they can from their gods here because that is all they know. That is a prescription for a horrible and eternal loss.

Start and leave stop behind. Though I have held many positions in my career, I can see the calling I have been given. It is woven throughout my life. I never want to go back to stop and then Start some other nonsense. Keep it simple! Start what is right and don’t start to stop.

Whether it is your personal life or your career, when you start what is right with that which is unchangeable, your life, your career and because of your approach to life the culture in which you reside, no matter where in the world, will be a much more pleasant place in which to live. You see Love isn’t shed abroad in our hearts by God our Creator to be used for some creepy sex change attempt or to see how much power, sex, money we can have. His Love is different than the love I have for my wife, son, and others. His Love is Eternal and the same all the time and truly unconditional-unchangeable.

Right now, whether at home with family or in the workplace or in your social life or your academic life just Start doing what is right, unchangeable, and don’t start to stop and go back to the changeable when all you have to do is Start doing what is unchangeable and keep it up.

A track coach friend of mine told his runners, regardless of the event, “get the lead and don’t let anyone pass you,” you will win the race. He was right! That as you may have already guessed is really hard to do – so many runners and all with certain running capacities, only one will win, the one who is truly the fastest. You and I only have to Start doing in life what does not change. And though we may run into those who do change and who try to change the principles we live by; they will always lose, and I/we will always win. Why? Because I/we started with the unchangeable!! Just Start and don’t stop.

I’ll be back!

Dr. Jim