Take A Deep Breath: A Moment Or Two In Your Time. It Is After All About Time.

Greetings. I talk to fair number of people in a week’s time. I make an effort to talk with people and I share some of my concerns about things that are going on and then get their response. Note, I am not being negative because I stress Hope! As a Christian, I have Hope. I hear and see that people are discouraged as they look at injustices. They wonder how the media can be so one sided and or they worry about whether our school children are safe (weird things going on in schools). Fear about what to say or should say and even what to think is an issue in America and all over the world.

I see and hear people grappling with their parental rights being attacked and jobs lost because somebody or somebodies, have determined that we humans are emitting too much carbon dioxide. They wonder why things are so different as children are told you are not a male or female and you can be gender wise and sexually anything you want, and somebody is telling children what they want to be and telling them their parents have no say in what is going on…Whoo – Take A Deep Breath – Just a moment – Deep Breath. Take a moment to ask, does all of this make any sense when we have lived thousands of years one way but today – all that which we called right is wrong and that which we knew was wrong is right? You took your deep breath and now what?

Here is the deal! Your life and my life have been given to us by a Creator. Your ancestors thousands of years ago were not monkeys or apes and bent over and now presto are upright because that is the reason evolution works. No, you were created by a Creator. We who are Christians or Jews know Him respectfully as Jesus or G-d. Many Americans acknowledge the 10 Commandments as a good group of commands or recommendations to live by. Others of us recommend the 10 Commandments and The Gospel of Jesus Christ, both good to follow. For many of us, both of these are from the same G-d, and we can live with that understanding and the Truth of each. When you start to doubt or wonder what is going on in the world – Take A Deep Breath: A Moment or Two and reflect on those statements I just made. You see they never change: God and the Spiritual as found in the Bible, Old and New Testament.  Human Beings, Physical Rules of Creation, they never change. I like that, how about you?  Science, Technology, medicine all change – and who is making the changes may determine how the changes affect the world in which we live. Bad intentioned players in this world can change things in governments, businesses, etc., But the things of G-d, our Creator never change. He knows how to provide everything that is needed and tries but the “world changers” interfere with the very best from our G-d, Make sense? Yep, it is a mental, emotional, thing that affects our Spiritual and physical outcomes. That is why we must keep our lives on track and not forget where we come from and that His Intentions for us are only good. That is Good G-d News!

Take A Deep Breath: A Moment Or Two In Your Time. It Is After All About Time.

Get this! I spoke with a young 18-year-old lady when picking up some food at a local Asian restaurant. She told me how at their school, a public school they took away social media from the students while in school because it was so distracting etc. She said, you know when they did that I began to feel better. You and I should help make a difference for good in this world. We need to help people get back their direction in life and have a solid foundation on things that do not change. It Is About Time. We have only this time we live in right now. Soon, even if we live to be 100 years of age, it flies by and before you know it, we are standing in front of the One who made us. As a Christian I get the point: It is About Time! My Time here is About Time and what I do with it!

In closing, I have lived in the USA for 7 plus decades. I have experienced real Freedom as a Christian and as a person living on this earth in Freedom in this country. I can only say in our Time we must be faithful to those who have gone before us and to those who will follow us. We must share what we know about our God, Jesus, and help people understand that ultimately here in the USA or Hungary or Russia or China or Nigeria or wherever we may be, it is our time to do our part to promote Good News, Peace, His Love to those who desire and want to know more about these things. It Is About Time. Make the best of it as you work to keep our country free and protect our children and their parents and families to simply make this place a better place during our Time here. We can do it! But it takes an effort on our part. Are you ready? I am! Let’s “get er done.” 🙂


Dr. Jim