Tap On The Back…Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!

Greetings, I hope you are enjoying this Winter of 2022-23. I am much happier when the snow falls, and the cold temperatures fall, and Winter is Winter! Regardless, I hope you and your family and friends are all doing well.

I have been wrestling over the words to share in this blog. I have told you I no longer watch or listen to any news radio or TV and I only have 3 sources of information, sometimes 4 that I learn from in these interesting and pivotal times in the history of the world and of course my home country, the USA.

If your head is in the sand, you probably can’t hear or see much, right. So, I have to tap you on the back to get your attention – that is what I am doing now. Tap, tap, are you awake? Would you (if your head is in the sand) please come out so we can talk? Talk about what? What is going on around us and the dangers that are before us.

  • The danger and misuse of Fentanyl. Really bad news.
  • Illegal immigration and the threat to American sovereignty as a nation.
  • The control by The Cartels along the border.
  • The overwhelming emphasis and validation of LGBTQ and other perverted sexual realities in our culture.
  • Election Integrity
  • The Climate Change mess.
  • The removal of parent’s rights in our schools – what we called public schools which are now government schools.
  • The medical and big pharma lies, control, power and abuse over the world’s population.
  • The false narratives about the founding of the USA including the proliferation of the lies of the 1619 Project.
  • The national debt going up by multiple trillions of dollars each year.
  • Open threat to: The US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  • Threats to remove freedom of speech and right to bear arms.
  • More and more and more…and the ignoring and setting aside of the biblical principles that were a part of the creation of this great country.
  • Inflation, economics and undermining of our currency, digitizing our currency.

You get the point. Maybe never before has there been a country in the history of the world that has offered and maintained so many freedoms for so many and done so with the confession that we are not and have never been perfect. But neither have we stopped the efforts to make wrongs right and treat others with respect. No place like this country with all of our faults.

In the 1800’s The Civil War was a war over State’s Rights and Slavery. This war imposed huge pressure and danger on our young country. In addition, was the introduction by Karl Marx and his atheistic (anti-Christ/God) teachings of his Communist Manifesto. Charles Darwin introduced the Origin of Species and popularized the theory of evolution, which was contrary to the teaching of God-centered Creation. The battles proposed and fought against the citizens of the USA in the 1800′ have never stopped. But today we see children and parents who know very little about their bibles and this country’s founding documents and are being led into a world of tyranny. Tyranny is not Freedom!

I say, think about what you hear and see, that which your children are experiencing in that regard as well. Tik Tok is no longer the sound of a clock measuring seconds, minutes and hours of our lives. It is a presentation of lies and alluring materials which take us away from, if we permit it too, our basic biblical beliefs of right and wrong. They tell us just like Disney and the entertainment industry, media, both social and legacy that there is no God and what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. Evil presents itself with all of its perversions, wickedness and dangers as though it has the answers for a good life – WRONG. Evil will take you out to lunch and feed you what will make you sick and keep you longer than you want to stay and then steal your wallet or purse.

Our lives need to be about Hope not pessimism. Faith not fear. Good not evil. Abundance not lack. Good Health not sickness. We know that in this world we will see and hear about tribulation and upheaval, but we have promises that our founders understood whether Christians, or Diest and they are found in the Bible – Whether the 10 Commandments of the Old Testament or The Gospel of Jesus Christ of the New Testament – we can serve the same God that never changes and extends His Love and Guidance to His People – but we have to be attentive.

Having our heads in the sand is not being attentive to God. He is the same God who left his fingerprints all over the founding of this country and is still available to us.  We simply need to turn away from the Godless ways of this world and turn back to the Truth He has provided for us to live by. It takes an effort on our part to reach out, cry out, say we are sorry, we have had other gods and return to Him. But there is healing in this process.

So, if you have had your head in the sand and have come out for air and you are reading this – stay out for a while and find some good sources to listen to and you will find out, that our God, I know Him as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 3:8 – Oxford Press, KJV of Bible.

I have a few places you can go to get a different approach to the news:

  • Epoch Times.
  • Victorynews.govictory.com
  • Flashpoint.govictory.com
  • Sandy Rios 24/7 Podcasts
  • Truthforhealth.org (a lot of truth, about medical and health issues: past, present and future, big pharma and more)

As a consultant, I like to help people fulfill their dreams and visions for a better life. The USA has been that place to become better and have more.   A solid stable government helps us all as we live our lives with our families. We have rule of law, property rights and so much more which are critical to living in Freedom and seeing dreams and visions of a good life fulfilled.

The USA has the longest standing single Constitution in the world today. The average Constitution for a country is about 17 years. Ours is at 250 years. You and I are living in a special place with imperfect people of which you and I can say we are a part. If we are a just, moral people, not perfect but with basic faith in God and know right from wrong and do our best to do what is right we are in a good place. As John Adams, the second president of the United States wrote (prophetically said) in 1798:

“We have not government with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. “

In closing, I know your head is not in the sand if you are reading this. But keep it out of the sand. Don’t be deceived. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Good always overcomes evil. Light pushes away darkness. Walk in Love but stand against immoral principles. Be Strong and know others are looking to you to stand when it looks like standing is impossible. Together we can make a difference for Good!!! Millions have gone before us in this great country and stood for Freedom and won! Let’s be faithful to those who have gone before us and those who will follow.

Blessings with Joy!

Dr. Jim