The Constitution, its Founders and the Bible

Greetings! this is hoping you are having a wonderful autumn. With all the tumult in our society, we still need to make sure we enjoy autumns’ beautiful colors and the change in seasons that our creator, the God of the Bible has given us. Keep good thoughts, do not watch the legacy media (primarily mature newspaper and television news outlets that believe they are the final word on any topic). There are good sources out there that can inform and do so in a much more balanced way. I watch the Sandi Rios Podcast often and you can go to AFR (American Family Radio). Though Christian leaning their news is much more balanced than most everything else out there. But look, there are some good ones.

Not a long blog, just want to dispel some claims that the US Constitution is “Godless.” It is not. One of our founding fathers was Benjamin Rush. He was unabashedly a Christian. “He established the first Bible society and Sunday School movement, began academic education and medical school for women and was America’s most famous physician. There is much more we could say about Dr. Rush, but just a few things for right now. He signed the Declaration of Independence and ratified the Constitution. He said that we must be mindful of the purpose of education so that we teach in the public schools will support our continuance of being one nation, he said:

  • Teach students to love and serve God.
  • Teach students to love and serve their country.
  • Teach students to love and serve their family
  • Dr. Rush put “Love and serve their country” as number 2 because if you ever lose control of your country, it will become the great enemy to your family.

The above statements (1) are from just one of our Founders. There is more, but I just want  you to in your busy life, do what I had to do and stop and think and bring the element of common sense into your thinking and discernment process and begin to see things as they are not as you are told by the legacy media and other who do not care about you or your families, but rather focus on power, sex, money and all for their own self-gratification. Remember our government leaders are to serve us not vice versa.

I know my comments may be too much for some. I know that some people just want to get along and not cause a stir. I will be respectful, but I will also use common sense and work for freedom – because without freedom – you and I will not recognize the USA – it will look like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and on and on. We don’t want that do we?

In closing, if we the people of the USA can get back to serving the God of the Bible, the one we know as Jesus – keep the 10 Commandments up and visible and begin to experience The Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will see things change for good much sooner than we can imagine.

I’ll be back!

Dr. Jim

(1) Information from David Barton founder of Wall Builders