Thinking on a Summer Day – June 22, 2023

Greetings, to each of you! I made a mistake in my last blog. I wrote Thomas Dewey instead of John Dewey. My mistake and I have corrected it. Just wanted to let you know.

I was resting today after our family had spent a few days UpNorth in Michigan. Last year at this time we were in Wyoming, staying in an older but beautiful ranch house on the open range. Temperatures were warm – high 90’s to well over 100, we had air conditioning in bedrooms upstairs only. We visited the sulphur springs and pools and enjoyed what God had given us. Many years ago, I attended a military school in Georgia and the temps were up around 100 often with humidity that high. We lived in Austin Texas and yikes the temps and humidity were high and hot, 100 was not a stranger. A few years ago I was working in California near Bakersfield and the temperature there in the almond fields was 113 at 1:00 in the afternoon – that is in the  San Joaquin Valley. I ask what about the heat this year. Very hot temperatures in Arizona, the deep south in the center of the country and – it is summer – and we do temperatures for the year and seasons in averages. Some high, some lower, some higher than usual and some lower than usual and thus we have average temperatures. My doctor tells me that our 98.6 body temperature is an average that we gauge good health and body function by.

Point: it simply seems that if you are listening to the legacy media and not listening to people who have no agenda but telling the truth about the weather and forecasts and causes and effects, you are probably getting the company line about climate change. You will hear how we must have sustainable electric cars with batteries that have to be charged and where will you put those batteries when they stop working and on and on? My friends, we are being lied to about climate change and lots of other things. Governments are trying to tell us what to do and it benefits only them. Let us remember to include the Lord Jesus in all of our calculations about our lives and what to do and when to do it. Knowing and trusting Him always works!

For some time I have been listening to people pray for our country. For the last three- and one-half years I have communicated with our God Jesus about things in our country not just government. Just about things that concern our lives as parents, grandparents, our schools and what is being taught. Health and medical related things and who is coming into our country illegally and what and how do we as Christians respond and what do we do? So many things but it seems that we keep asking for things to be done by our God, yet we seem to not believe that He is working when we ask. Don’t get me wrong, I do ask for things and the things I ask for make sense and I expect our God to answer in the affirmative. The interesting thing is because He is God He does things His Way like in Mark, Chapter 11 when Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it died. Well, it was dead when He spoke to it but didn’t show that it had died until the next day. My point is this, II Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if we will humble ourselves, repent, turn from our wicked ways He will hear and heal our land. I argue He is doing the healing right now. He is working, not is going to work sometime or when He hears us ask so many times…He is working on our behalf and if we believe and have Faith (two different things), He will deliver. Now He may do it differently than we would, but He is doing it now. We need to see with the eyes of Faith and then we can see in part and soon in full what He has been and is doing on our behalf. We can always ask Him for things, He wants that, but we also need to understand that Faith says He is doing it and we will see it – I argue right now all of the nonsense about sexuality and race and so many other things He is already or has already taken care of and there is evidence of it. We simply need to start looking and praising and thanking Him for His Great Works!

In closing, today I just wanted share this with you. Be encouraged. Praise our Lord Jesus – He is our God and do so for all the good and great things He is doing and for all He is doing we cannot see or understand. He loves His People! He is and will take care of us. There is death and life in the power of the tongue. Speak life and not death and destruction, Proverbs 18:21.

Don’t be fearful, expect the best. We all know about tough and challenging times. We don’t get through this life without some of it. But when we put the God of the Bible first place in our lives and believe and have Faith in His Name – Jesus, great things happen. So be encouraged today and remember, Freedom is never Free and God keep Blessing America!!!


Dr. Jim

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