Tough to Understand?


This is hoping you are having a Happy New Year! I have time to think and pray.  I do some reading (I like history and biographies) and though I avoid the everyday news, I still receive information about some things that are going on. I have a couple people I connect with that I watched and learned from long before Covid19 and a couple of those I started watching in 2020 (not on You Tube :). I mostly keep my hearing and seeing limited to relevant information, and from people I know personally and trust. That is not elected officials nor the mainstream media nor high-tech companies and social media.

I gather good information and make my own decisions.  I believe the toughest thing to understand through this entire covid fiasco has been the way smart people have bought into the lies and have become sheeple (people who follow like sheep).

I work with small businesses, Christian non-profits and families. I don’t know how some of those I work with are going to survive all that is going on and all that may be coming. When I mention the words tyranny or authoritarian in regard to our government and where it is rapidly heading, some say that is over the top. I know that makes me sound radical, but when I look at all of the things that have occurred in the last several years let alone the last two, I comment, this is tough to understand.

Institutions we have trusted are saying and doing things that are highly questionable when put in the context of common sense. It is tough to understand that people in business, and others I mentioned above just buy in and are willing to turn to government for advice and are willing to bow down to the government’s orders and demands in fear. Remember, the government just like the citizenry has to submit to the law. The government is not above the law.

It is tough to understand when people have freedom – when in fact most of the world does not, that they are willing to give it up for things that just don’t make sense. Not only is this tough to understand but it is scary when you think what the end results could be.

I want you to do two things: 1. check your heart, personal relationship with your God, if you are a Christian go to the Bible and look at the principles our nation was founded on and see if those are still being followed by you, your family and the country in general. 2. get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution and read them. In the Constitution read the first 12 Amendments – the Bill of Rights. After reading maybe with loved ones or close friends, stop and think about what has been done, what has been believed to give us so many years of freedom (well over two hundred)? Now, do you find it tough to understand why anyone would want to give it up? I have been asking that question for the last two years and actually longer.

Dr. Li Meng Yan the virologist that fled China to the U.S. last year and lives in secrecy to protect herself from Chinese officials and other global predators; was asked by Dr. Peter Breggin what she thought the difference between China and the U.S. has been – what makes us different from each other. Not an exact quote, but it was first the faith in God by Americans and the U.S. Constitution. China which is not a free country totally turns its back on freedom of religion. China does not have a constitution that protects the citizens and gives them power and in turn demands that the government leaders serve the citizens. For us, both are equal under the law. Do you have a sense we are losing that equality under the law? Stop, think, be observant about all of this.

Let’s not throw this freedom away!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Dr. Jim