What Change? What For?

Greetings! This is hoping you are having a great day wherever you may be!

I am writing today just to get you to think and ask questions about what is going on in our world. I am a consultant. I help people fulfill their dreams, visions for a better life. You may be a business owner and are trying to launch a new project, product. You may be a Christian Ministry leader and want to launch a new program. You may simply be a family that wants to fulfill a dream or vision and you need to know if everyone agrees, is on board or in simpler terms if there is buy in from everyone to move forward. Well, I like to help in these situations. But all of this works best in an environment of Freedom. There are those who are planning and working to take ours away here in the U.S.

I am coming to you during a time in our nation’s history that will go down as one of the most dangerous times for the potential loss of Freedom, probably since the Civil War or American Revolution. If you think that Covid 19, the jab, the emphasis on climate change, electric cars and bit coins/alt currencies and the threat to our supply chain are just a matter of democrat or republican policy, you are wrong. Yes, politics is part of it. However, the real cause is greed and a desire to control others.

I know that we can take things for granted. I know it is easy to think about material things and vacations and get lost in sports or entertainment, technology, education or your career. But you and I need to see that change is occurring rapidly not because we need to change for the welfare of our nation, but because an elite class of people, here in the U.S. and all over the world have decided to make change for themselves. They want to control us. That does not seem possible does it? You are following your favorite sports team and their players and someone is trying to take your Freedom away?  Come on, what for? But, this has happened for thousands of years. Selfish, self-centered people who love power, money and sex and get more of it as they control people, are reaching out to destroy others (including you and me) take away our Freedom – so that they can be fulfilled. That is what for!

I am amazed that the American people for the most part; and to a much higher degree than can be imagined, think more about themselves than others. They are not thinking about being good stewards of a Constitutional Republic that was given to us some 235 years ago. Those that gave it to us with the help of God, lost much in their lives – sometimes their lives and for sure for many of them, their families and many them their fortunes.  Why change? What for?

Change, because they were being overwhelmed by a huge “federal government,” England and the King. It has happened again here in the land that people died to make and keep free. As a consultant, I know to help people find and experience success that Freedom is an important part of the process. Freedom is not Free! America, was not created and developed so that everyone who could have and or buy what they want. It was created to provide Freedom for everyday people to live and earn a good living, raise a family and be free to say and do what they couldn’t do under the ever watching eye of the King of England.

I hope you can help change this situation by doing what one man explained as, “creating brush fires of liberty in the souls of men and women, so they will ignite the fires of Freedom and save our land.” Profound! Change for preservation of life, liberty, religious freedom, rule of law and property rights. What for? For Freedom that rings true and extends to each person the opportunities to be what they were created to be. There are those here in the U.S., yes our elected officials that simply don’t sense the urgency of the moment. It isn’t over yet, but the end of Freedom as we have known is coming faster than we think. Wow, not much more to say right now!!!


Dr. Jim