What Now?

Greetings! it is good to be with you again! As you probably know by now, I am a consultant. I work with businesses, Christian Ministries and families. I enjoy and have become good at helping people launch their dreams, visions, new products, programs by helping them find out if they have buy in from their team or family members. Take a look at my website to see if I may be able to help you and then connect with me via e-mail on my website! Thanks!

Since 2020 it has seemed to me that many of the things I enjoyed and trusted, have changed. I thought the news and related was getting weird, actually today, more and more weird all the time. When I was  traveling in 2016 -2019 and when I would enter a city via an airport – the airports seemed odd to me. You know the big pictures on the walls talking about the airlines and I noticed more and more things related to inclusion and diversity – ads I thought were odd, lots of same sex photos and all of that. I was just uncomfortable with the statements I was seeing and hearing. What Now?

Well, its 2022 and if you don’t think things are different than in 2000 or 2008 or 2012, let me assure you things are different. If you are in business and trying to plan and or purchase finished products or raw products or some buckle or piece of hardware and find you cannot get it, you are probably concerned but not surprised. This isn’t just an out of stock and replenishment soon to come. No one knows when you will get what you need. Food shortages, why? What is going on? energy prices rising like crazy! In some places if you don’t use the correct personal pronouns you are sued. What is going on? That which used to be good is now evil and that which was evil is now good. What Now?

When I go out for my run/walk I go by expensive houses with Ukranian Flags flying with no Stars and Stripes to be found on the flag pole. I may be old fashioned, but I call it being an American and I sense that these things I just mentioned are a sign of things that are happening and may not only continue, but become more prevalent.  Why? What Now?

In the 1970’s coming out of the turbulent 60’s things were happening…inflation, unemployment, interest rates all double digit. But, you felt someone in the state capitol or in D.C. still cared. I argue not so many people care about us now; you and me and our welfare and the freedom that has been fought and died for that we have had and is now disappearing. Why? What Now?

I speak with business owners and managers they tell me stories and concerns they have and they still have some hope that we can get this Ship U.S.A. back upright, it seems to be listing some. It is sort of like finding a fissure or a crack in the fuselage of a  Boeing 747 and knowing it must be fixed and soon or the next flight may be its last. No one knows exactly where we are in regard to our Constitutional Republic staying afloat or sinking, no one, but Jesus. But when people don’t want to work (so many jobs need to be filled) and the Federal Governement is dropping literally trillions of dollars into the economy and causing the free market to shudder, because we know that when an outside non – free enterprise entity  (government is not a free enterprise entity) imposes itself on a market place bad things begin to happen. Strategic planning, becomes harder to form and implement. Why doesn’t our government especially federal but at the state, county, township and village level as well just let the marketplace function?

Businesspeople are usually pretty positive with good attitudes. They know if they work hard, use common sense and are able to remain free they can have a good life and that has happened in the USA for well over 200 years. Challenges, oh yes! But something is different. Honest people have bought into lies. Our mainstream media and of course big parts of our social media are lying. Deception and propaganda spewing from computer screens and televisions  and phones. There is a darkness over the USA and many of us feel it. It seems that people think so much of themselves, want this and that and have to have it or, well, or they are crushed. Politics has entered into big league sports whether baseball, football or basketball and I am sure all other pro and most college sports. Why not just play ball!  There is a feeling of I want mine – regardless of what happens. Oh my! Why? What Now?

Without faith in something bigger than us (you and me) such as the God of the Bible, we are in trouble. This God who played a big part in the creation of this country with our forefathers and millions of us since then, has been replaced with things that can be bought and built and break and wear out.  Without Godly Principles, the 10 Commandments and other truths and wisdom filled words to hear and read and believe, our days are numbered as a free nation. Why? Because we are created, not products of an evolutionary process. What Now?

I believe after reading the works of historians, theologians, economists, philosophers, scientists,  and  other smart people, that there is still no one to listen to like The Eternal God of the Bible. What Now? Return to that which is good and faithful and leads to life and freedom. Ignore those who say that God is dead. Build foundations of everyday life, family (mom, dad and kids), free enterprise and education that prepare people to live abundant lives. Our life in this country has never been perfect. But with a strong reliance on that Eternal God we know as Jesus, this country has been a place for people to come and live lives like no where else in the world. Why? Because it was a part of His Master Plan. God loves Freedom! He loves us! What Now? In all phases and places of life let’s put Jesus in His place in our lives. That place? NUMBER ONE!!!

I’ll Be Back!

Dr. Jim